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How Do You Eat Your Vegetables?


Hi friends,

I was talking to my fellow lifting mate today about eating more vegetables, as I am considering buying a juicer. Anyway, he goes on to tell me every couple of days he will make a big batch of RAW vegetable salad that he will eat throughout the day. He told me he eats 2 big bowls of vegetables every day!

This brings up the question; how many vegetables do you eat and how do you like them?



If you're eating vegetables for the nutrients, then juice away. if you're looking at vegetables as fillers in your diet, then keep 'em as close to raw as possible (lightly steamed works too).

Personally, I like to throw veggies in my eggs each morning with some turkey pepperoni and seasoning. Even when I'm not dieting, I've just grown accustomed to it I guess.



i Prefer salads with very little fat free dressing and broccoli those are my main two and the broccoli i just steam and eat. I eat piles of these even on a heavy gaining phase


Broccoli and spinach, I just mix it in with meat or eggs, add seasoning. Maybe some butter if I'm gaining, makes the broccoli go down easier. If I'm dieting I'll eat a lot of cucumber and lettuce just as filler.


I don't.


I grew up on a mostly vegetarian diet so I love'em.

I get a lot of onions, garlic, and bell peppers in by making stir fry.


I like to put them in the oven, but I need a bigger one so I can put in the wheelchair too.

Ahem. I use my blender, I don't really like the taste of vegetables...although most taste like nothing.


I like to add cabbage, spinach, broccoli, summer squash, and others that cook fast into eggs and ground beef/turkey.
Roasting works awesome for broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, and brussel sprouts. Now that its fall roasting winter squash is also great.


Buy the juicer, throw the juice away and eat the pulp.

Seriously... I eat a 1lb bag of broccoli about every 3 days. A 1lb bag of mixed veggies every 3 day. I skip veggies about every 3rd day. I eat benefiber every day in my evening protein shake. Blueberries in my morning protein shake. Sometimes I just put a little soy sauce on the veggies and call is stir fry. Veggies dipped in hummus is a good snack too.


Weak i think i eat 1lb of broccoli at least every day. Then a ton of spinach and lettuce as well. I dont really count onions i cook with them in rice and eggs same with peppers.


I feel psychologically bad if I don't eat something veggie during the day. That time is usally before bed. That being said I'm allergic to a lot of fruits and veggies so I tailor my diet around the ones I can eat. I often like to go raw if boiled/steamed let the cooking water cool and drink that for the nutrients that are "lots" during the cooking process. That is totally bro science on my part as it makes sense.

Juicing is awesome stuff just don't put a banana through it. Does not work as tried by my brother when we were younger.


Six servings a day.




I'm on my fourth year as a member of a CSA farm, so I get weekly deliveries of locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. The mix is different each week (sometimes with cool, funky stuff like bok choy, celery root, or kohlrabi), but it's always about two big grocery bags-worth. That, plus a quick trip to Whole Foods if we're in the mood for something particular, seems to be plenty.

My general rule of thumb (should be rule of the wrist?) is if it can go raw, it goes in a salad. Otherwise, it's probably getting sauteed with garlic and olive oil, roasted with salt, pepper and olive oil, or steamed and hit with herbs/spices.


Mostly raw - I make big salads of spinach, green onion, 3 colours of Bell peppers, parsley, beets and walnuts (or sunflower seeds). Cancer ain't going anywhere near that shit!

I lightly steam broccoli, and usually saute onions and mushrooms

I used to add raw kale to my protein shakes (with berries), but read a study somewhere saying some of the nutrients in it are more bioavailable when lightly sauteed, so I've been doing that recently...


Interesting feedback gentlemen.



Juicing is fine if you don't mind the set up, the mess and the clean up. I've juiced for years and enjoy it.
I also have at least 1 huge mixed vegetable salad a day and often have 2. Raw vegetbales are good, but for veggies like green beans, squash and broccoli for example it's good to lightly steam them to enhance the flavors. Dr. Andrew Weil always talks about drizzling a little olive oil on steamed vegetables to help absorb the nutrients better.
As far as how much each day...it used to be 3 servings of veggies daily, but with the depletion of nutrients in the soil they have recently bumped it up to 5-6 servings a day. Keep in mind that the FDA considers a serving of veggies a tablespoon of catchup! So you should be fine with 2 servings of fresh vegetables daily.


^ Glad someone beat me to it I personally have a juicer but in all honesty its a lot of set up and clean up work. Easier to eat it raw or just cook it.


I eat raw cucumbers, spinach sauteed in olive oil/butter, and steamed green beans and asparagus almost every day.


Yer,, Ive heard they can be a hard work. I just like the idea of sitting down on a friday night to watch some lingere league football, with a nice large glass of carrot, beetroot and ginger juice!