How Do You Eat Your Eggs?

I guess the thread heading is pretty self-explanatory. I eat 3 whole eggs for breakfast in the morning, and 8 whites. I have tried adding bell-peppers, and salsa to add flavor; unfortunately, they still taste nasty. I am actually thinking of substituting my eggs out for 5oz chicken or something (if I have to). If you could post me any ideas, it would help me out a lot!

6 egg omelete with chicken, onion and ham. Put on wholemeal toast with hot english mustard. Delicious.

What do you mean you put all sorts of shit in them, but they still taste nasty? Do you hate the taste of eggs?

3 egg omelette with garlic salt and goat cheese. The cheese is what really makes it taste great. If I were to add anything else, it would be mushrooms, spinach, and peppers.

use 8 or 10 eggs with 2 or 3 of those being whites, add 8 to 12oz of dry oatmeal, heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder, and splenda or sweetener of choice to taste. cook like pancakes.
top with butter flavored spray and more splenda if desired.

you will never taste the egg flavor in that at all. the only thing you will taste is chocolate oatmeal. it does have a tendency to get a little dry though.

Holy smokes! It’s not wonder why people in the U.S. die from heart-attackes if eat that kind of stuff. :bleah:
I eat hard boiled eggs (4-5) and I keep only 3 egg-yolks. I usually eat them mashed up with boiled veggies.

10 Eggs, 4 yolk. Dash of worctestshire sauce (spelling?!), sprinkle of chilli flakes, teaspoon of cumin powder (or curry powder) few slices of cheddar & dash of milk then scramble up, served with runner beans and half a can of tinned plum tomatoes.

I also don’t enjoy eggs too much. In fact, the only way I actually like them is the biggest pain in the ass way to prepare them. I can eat hard boiled but then mostly only the whites. A good deviled egg is also very good. A fried egg is ok, but I can only eat 2 or 3, and I can’t touch scrambled.

Some more good egg recipies would be appreciated.


Four scrambled or two hard boiled.

Breakfast: 12 whites 2ith 1/2 cup of mozzarella and Chalula (the most underrated red pepper sauce of all-time).

Any other time of the day: I’ll have some whites with more wholes to get the extra fat with 3/4 cup of mozzarella and Chalula again.

What’s wrong with the yolks??? The yolk has more mono-unsaturated fat than saturated fat.

Tobasco sauce is good on scrambled eggs or an omlette. Just add eggs to everything, from hamburgers to soups,
pancakes, rolled oats, lasagna, you name it. Just beat it up and add it. You’ll never know it was there.


I have a hard time getting my taste buds fired up for eggs in the morning. I actually eat mine at night. I just use shredded cheese(any type) and add about 2-3 teaspoons of sugar free syrup(yeah…I’m weird). Try making a breakfast burritto(s) with them. That will mask the flavor…just add potato, peppers, etc…

Cut hard-boiled egg in half, remove yolk, add tabasco in the holes. Tasty.

It’s sometimes hard for me to eat eggs in the morning… but I always make myself.

I’m still trying to get used to eating so much, so for now I’m eating three whole eggs, cooked long enough that the yolk becomes pretty solid. I take some whole grain bread with cream cheese on it and add a TINY bit of salt on the eggs for taste. Then I finish with some OJ. Definitely not ideal but I’m just getting started with this.

But the idea behind this is that if you cook them long enough so that you can basically eat a whole egg in two bites, you’ll get over the taste. Plus, the whites is what I find most people have a hard time eating. The good taste, of course, has to come from the part of the egg that has fats. :wink: So the less runny the whites are, the better.

I have been really lazy lately, and this HAS to be the quickest/best tasting breakfast out there. Throw your choice of eggs in a skillet (i go with 4 whole and 2 whites), scramble and heat in the pan. While eggs are cooking heat 1 pack in instant grits with water and 1 slice of fat free cheese. Mix eggs and grits in the bowl you nuked the grits in, and viola! Hot and tasty breakfast in under 10 minutes. You can even take this with you as it’s very east to eat out of the bowl.

Brown some ground beef in a skillet, then crack a few eggs in and mix. Melt some cheese on top, and sprinkle some cayenne pepper in. Throw in some onions or green and red peppers

Sometimes I do an omelette with 5-6 eggs, grilled chicken, peppers, tomatoes, spinach and mexican blend cheese. Yum, yum.

Hard boiled is always good too. Dip it in some Sriracha hot chili sauce (asian section of the grocery store, my favorite hot sauce), delicious!

But sometimes I just do the old Southern classic (I live in Boston, but was raised in the South), over easy mixed with grits. Salt and pepper to taste.

I put them in my mouth and chew ;]

6 whole, free range, vegetarian fed geese eggs fried over easy on a griddle in bacon grease with lots of pepper thrown on 1/2 lb bacon and hash-browns with onion, pepper, nacho cheese, mushrooms, more bacon, suasage, ham, and canadian bacon. I wash it downs with a Scotch and water. This s a good pick-me-up before bed time.

12-16 raw eggs a day. (I’m on the Anabolic Diet)

Raw eggs? You mean you don’t cook them (or does ‘raw’ translate as ‘organic’)?

If raw is uncooked then you’re courageous.

I’m also on the Anabolic Diet and start the day with four scrambled eggs and about 80 g of smoked salmon.

Which brings me to … Why is smoked salmon never mentioned as a protein source? Surely it would have pretty much the same Omega profile as ordinary salmon so would have multiple benefits or is there some scary research I’ve missed (like yesterday’s tuna article)? And it must be healthier than bacon or ham. Mustn’t it?

Help appreciated.

Breakfast burrito:
Low Carb tortilla +
Scrambled whites w/ a few yolks +
Lean Ground beef (w/taco seasoning)


Soy Chorizo (Hey, it’s better than regular chorizo)


Turkey breast pieces


Louis rich ground turkey breakfast sausage

With the sausage I put chopped red bell peppers.