How Do You Eat on Off Days?

So I try to hit the gym 3-4 days a week, and my diet on those days generally consists of IF with 100g of carbs focused around my lift. Protein is high and fats are relatively low.

Now how does one eat on off those? Stupid question maybe. But do I drop the carbs (so carb cycle) and if so, do I then eat a keto style diet in my days off?

Essentially I guess I’m asking about how to
Carb cycle then…if you have a low carb day, do you eat keto style?


You need to eat a high fat intake for a ketogenic diet. You’re keeping fats low, according to what you wrote, so I do not foresee you managing to eat “keto style”.

On days I don’t train, I eat fewer carbs compared to days that I do.

So essentially on non training days my protein and fat intake stays the same, I just drop the carbs?

I have read for carb cycling high days it’s high carb high protein low fat days.

Then low carb days it’s low carb high protein and fat…stays the same or goes up?

I tend to eat slightly more protein and fat, since now I’m not eating carbs.

Why are you wanting to carb cycle?

My job is now very sedentary and I can only get to the gym 3-4 times a week so I’d like to lean out/lose weight for the summer.

You do not need to carb cycle to accomplish that goal.


What approach do you recommend then?

Eat less food. That is all you need to do to lose fat.


Eat ice cream. Enjoy life.

100 gr of carbs is already low, and if you’re eating low fat you’re already at very low calories. How much per day, you reckon?

If you start cutting even more carbs right now you won’t have room later on to keep losing fat. Most likely you don’t even eat enough (but your job is very sedentary so…)

First step would be to increase energy expenditure. Hit the gym 4 times, add some cardio/abs at the end of sessions, try to move as much as possible when out of the gym (go for walks and whatever activity you can). Even bouts of 10 min walks 3x times a day will help. Try to do some cardio when you can.

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Carb cycling as the name suggests means cycling CARBS. So you do eat carbs. 100 g is low, really low.

This is a caveat of carb cycling - you do have HIGH carb days. It is true you should eat most of your carbs mostly around training (before and after, maybe drink some peri), but it doesn’t mean you are limited here. If on your high carb day you eat only 100g then I am afraid to even ask how much calories you eat in general. Probably you are starving yourself, because you want that Adonis look for summer. It won’t happen I am afraid. Not with this approach.

Where are you in relation to your goals? If you can see abs and want to see more abs, then you may want to consider carb cycling.

If you are just a regular guy wanting to get to the point of seeing abs then just eat a sensible and manageable diet until you get there.

Once you’ve earned your stripes in eating sensibly, then worry about eating like an asshole to get really lean.

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I’m 260lbs and not in shape. I’m roughly 16-20% body fat. Really wanna drop down back to 200lbs that I weight 2 years ago.

Honestly. I’m over complicating dieting. Would love if anyone could just give me an idea on how to properly do it and with what method.

Carb cycle? Keto? Or am I legit just over thinking it and it’s as easy As clean foods, calorie deficit and lifting. But again, I don’t really know how to eat on off days

The same as training days, except for your pre/post training meal.

I dont know why you want to complicate yourself its easy to loose weight you need to have a calorie deficit. Just eat clean, stop thinking about keto intermitent carb cycle and all those stuff. keep it simple !

LOL 16-20% bodyfat is pretty in shape. I’m 21-25% bodyfat on some measurements (not dexascan) and feel pretty skinny in general.

I think you might be underestimating it or just not getting an accurate reading (then again, neither am I)

Any diet that puts you in a caloric deficit will make you lose weight. Keto works because it excludes an entire macronutriet, low carb works the same way, fasting works because it puts you in a small feeding window, etc

There was an article that recommended not eating carbs on non-training days to stay lean. I personally couldnt

On a low day while cutting I’ll have carbs before any meal where I’ll need it (i.e. doing an activity/taking more steps etc.) but typically its just first 1-2 meals of the day - rest of meals are proteins and healthy fats with a lot of veggies. Even when I’m adding muscle I’ll still go low carb on off days and just mainly eat protein veggies healthy fats.

This is my current diet some days I lose weight some times I gain weight. I’m staying around 165-174# on it though. Just be consistent and eat the same thing every day. Training or not. If I were trying to really lean out I’d add in more vegetables and reduce carbs.

Get cardio in 6 days a week either fasted or post workout. 3mph at 10 incline on the treadmill. Start at 10 min and add ten min every week till you get to 80min. Do not hold the handles.