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How Do You Drink That Much?


Hey Guyz!

I've was drinking a lot of diet sodas w/ and w/o caffeine in them, which is bad. I've been trying to add water into my diet, to taper me off the diet soda. I've been carrying around campus a 32oz. jug of water sipping it. Then at home I carry around a gallon of water. So I do carry around water but drinking it is where I fail: mainly cause of taste. So yall have any tips to drinking more water, or flavoring water a little? I?ve actually heard a straw works but didn?t work so well for me. Any Tips?



Hot sauce.

Just find something that you can dip in hot sauce (any meat- grilled chicken works great). You'll find yourself guzzling a quart of water in no time.


Grab some water.

Add lime (or lemon).


Water consumption should not be a problem.

Make sure you're drinking clean water. You're probably tasting various minerals and such.

Smile. You're no longer thirsty.



You are probably still addicted to all the sugar and caffeine in the shit you used to drink. You will learn to love the taste of water. It is refreshing and is essential. So just suck it up and drink the stuff. It's water, you shouldn't need flavour.


he's addicted to diet soda (sugar and caffeine?). still, quitting diet soda is commendable.


Crystal Light is a good way to start weaning yourself off of soft drinks without sacrificing flavour.

Green tea as well, especially as it's cold as balls in Canada now.

Other than that, you just have to suck it up and drink her down.


Thanks Guyz!

Yall always come through for me!


As a student, you'd figure you would find the caffein helpful considering its effects on focus, recall and memory formation.

Besides the caffein, there really isn't any rational to switching to water for purely hydration purposes.

And then one has to wonder why you would force yourself to drink if your are not thirsty enough to drink water (vs drinking diet soda out of habit because it tastes good).

Kidneys must be useless.


I used to drink 1 glass of water every couple of days but then I just forced myself to drink water. Now I average about 6-8 litres (1.5 - 2 gallons) of water a day and I find that easy. Actually, I dont feel right unless I drink that much.

Just start getting the stuff into you, you will love it soon.


Add salt. Just a pinch per jug, and it'll go down easier. It's some of Paul Chek's easier to swallow advice. This is assuming you don't overdo the salt already.


Man up. Drink water and you will eventually love it. You might be drinking your nasty town water or something too.

Have someone install a water filter system in your sink, it's worth it. Or you can get like a Brita filter or something. Fruit2o is pretty tastey but I wouldn't recommend it all the time because of the sodium.


Room temperature water has very little taste to me and I am drinking it non-stop. I have a 32 oz Lexan bottle from Target (blue Eddie Bauer) that cost about $6. If you go there note that they keep bottles in a couple of locations - some near the yoga mats, ropes, etc. and some near lunch bags and coolers. I like this bottle because it does not impart any taste to the water, is dishwasher safe, has a wide-mouth, and a good screw on lid is attached with a strap. Plastic milk jugs degrade in sunlight and that could affect the taste of your water not to mention add whatever the hell those bottles are made of to your water.

Good job on quitting the soda drinking. Eventually you can add them back in occassionally without getting back in the habit. Moderation is the key. As for the water, you'll get used to the taste. You'll also find yourself making many a bathroom break.

Good luck!


Bourbon and Cola, followed by car bombs ... then tequila shots, chased with beer.

That usually does the trick for me.

'Course, sometimes I do as the poet suggested and get one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer.

Dan "What was the question again?" McVicker


I've noticed that I was able to drink alot more water when I drink it at room temp. Also, it helps if the container has a wide mouth.

Another suggestion would be to add Crystal Light to your water, and gradually reduce the amount of powder you put in your water.

You can make a little game where you start drinking water and count how many seconds you can go without stopping. OR you could mentally think, "Chug, Chug!!" like in college :slightly_smiling:

(that last suggestion sounds pretty dumb.. but its helped me drink more water! :slightly_smiling:


brita, lemon, green tea. at the worst my water tastes like nothing. and i carry a bottle with me whereever i go, so i end up drinking a lot. i leave a full jug of brita by my bed and i always wake up with it empty, and i generally don't remember it. The only thing i don't like about drinking alot of water is i end up sweating 10x more. The best suggestion is lemon. it flavors you water and the lemon has its benificial properties. i'd stay away from crystal lite and flavored water because of aspartame and sodium. I haven't done my homework but i dismissed that sort of thing as a bad idea anyway.


You can down vodka? What's water to you?


I take a bottle, fill it halfway with filtered water, and freeze it. When I need it, I just drop lemon juice in there and top it off. Some like the ice water, some like the room temp. water. The cold water goes down better for me, and seems to absorb faster. It feels pretty damn good in the summer heat too.


One or two slices of cucumber turns ice water into a refreshing treat.



If you decide to go with green tea, or anything with a warm/hot temperature... DO NOT PUT IT IN PLASTIC. In fact, you shouldn't be drinking WATER out of anything but plastic #7, and even that's bad. Xeno-estrogens are leeched into water by EVERY type of plastic - heat exasorbates it, and I would reccomend drinking filtered water (using a Brita filter) out of a glass container.

And yes, citrus is a great addition, except when you're lugging it around all damned day - that shit gets NAFF after a bit.


I'm not trying to challenge you - but do you have a source for this information? I'm sure that some sort of nasty chemicals are leeched out of plastic, but has there been any proof that it's enough to make a difference?