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How Do You Dose Your Bcaa?


So decided to get some supplements finally. I have creatine and a powder but decided to buy a bcaa too
How do you guys dose? The powder is 25g a dose and due to I being like $40 I'm taking half doses to make it last. I've been reading though and it sounds like that's not enough to be worth if.


how much did you get for 40? creatine is usually one of the cheaper supps out there.


the bcaas were 40


In the old days…

One scoop BCAA and creatine before workout.

one scoop BCAA first thing in the morning.

lasted just over a month.


20-30g whey protein and granola bar within 1 hour before starting warmup.

10g BCAAs during workout, with 20-30g carb/electrolyte mix, in 1.5 L of water.

20-30g whey protein after workout. Food when get home.


pre and during workout

and I’ll use 10-15g total over that period


I like to take my BCAA during my workout. I just started this about 2 months ago. Ten grams of BCAA, 4grams of CLA and 1gram of Agmatine. No caffeine or other stimulates included. I sip on this while I am working out in a quart of water mixed with my BCAA’s in a empty Gatorade bottle. By the time my workout is over, the bottle is empty. It has made all the difference in the world. I feel I can train longer and not have that wiped-out feeling after the workout. I workout at home most times in my garage so I don’t have to get fancy with the Gatorade bottle. If I hit a gym, I’ll use a shaker bottle. I must admit, the girls at the gym sometimes ask me what is the pink color (BCAA-Watermelon flavor) in my shaker bottle for. Great conversation starter.
Tub is around $30 bucks. You can check around for various prices and ingredients listed on the label. Good luck to you.


pre, during, and post workout with most consumed during the workout