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How Do You Do Your Sets?


I would add some lateral raises and pushdowns to one of the days, and some rear delt and biceps work to the other. So you’re workouts are looking something like

Day A

Lateral Raises/Pushdowns (I’d do this as a superset)
Whatever abs work you want

Day B

Military Press
Pull Ups
Rear Delt Flye/Curls
Abs stuff again

And you could just train every other day alternating between the two workouts.

I also hate 5x5 rep schemes but that’s entirely up to you.


Probably not my favorite either. The reason I chose the 5x5 for the main 3 lifts is due to my lack of strength. I figured once I had my strength levels up I’d switch to a more hyperteophy type set/rep scheme.


I personally do A 5x5, B 5x5, C5x5

But I think Brian Alsrue has a system where he does a monster/giant set for an upper body movement, a lower body movement, and then an abdominal movement. I think his one video had him do a Squat, OHP, then dragon flag. I personally wouldnt do this, but I think it would be great for conditioning and saving time.