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How Do You Do Your Sets?

Example workout:

Exercise A 5x5
Exercise B 5x5
Exercise C 5x5

Would you do 1 set of A, then 1 set of B, then one set of C and start all over till you hit your 5 sets?

Or would you do A 5x5 then move on…

I have a decent home gym so I don’t go anywhere, and I never have so I feel like the home school kid who doesn’t know about real life lol

Ive been doing it A B C A B C A B C… till I reach my number of sets. Had someone workout with me recently and they told me what I was doing was odd lol.

Yeah the way you’re doing it is kinda odd, but if you like it then keep going. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the way you do it.

I’m fixing to go work out again and try it the other way and see what I like!

Any way is fine, as long as you the workout in.

ABC is more of a circuit type of workout which some people love and get great results from. Myself and I’m sure a lot of others like to go A 5x5 B 5x5 C 5x5. Either way works, just depends on what motivates you and which you enjoy.

Long as your seeing progress your golden.

One of my favorite routines from the past used Straight Sets, (all 5 sets of 1 exercise, building up in weight each set then moving on to the next exercise) on “heavy” day.

On the light day you used the circuit style (1 set of A, then B then C) trying to finish all the light work as quickly as possible for some extra conditioning.

Both methods have uses/advantages. It was fun to use them both.

I feel like I’ve possibly done something very similar. Was it a CT routine?

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No, it was something I came up with on my own.

Sorry that was in response to the programme mentioned by flatsfarmer.

It was some little variation of Bill Starr’s Classic routine from The Strongest Shall Survive.

I’m sure Thibadeau has a cool routine or 2 using that idea. I love when he puts a modern twist on old stuff.

Sorry for the hijack, wanna be. Anyway, in my opinion what you’re doing is OK. It may not be the Best way for certain goals or for every combination of lifts. But circuits are definetly cool and have been around for awhile.

Its hilarious how many popular internet programs are pale imitations of his stuff.

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This style of training is great if you want to more or less guarantee you have about the same energy level/focus right across the board for all exercises…not quite the norm or the way I generally train but certainly efficient IMO/experience.

So I’ve worked out a couple times finishing all sets and reps for each exercise then moving on.

Quite the difference for me in terms of pump and fatigue. I feel like I’m working harder doing it this way (harder in a good way). Even though it’s the same amount of work, doing it like this makes the volume seem crazy. I really wanted to stay with a EOD full body routine, but after doing it like this I think I’m either going to have to cut out stuff and rearrange the exercises or switch to a split routine. I’m leaning towards really breaking it up so I can get even more work per muscle/group.

Here is what I’ve been doing:

  1. Abs. I choose one each workout (TRX straps, plank, leg raises. 5x25 leg raises, 5x12 TRX side lunges, regular plank 5x?? (Usually go by feel)

  2. Bench 5x5. I haven’t been doing any weight really because I’m trying to figure out how to properly bench. Been watching a ton of videos and reading, having trouble activating my chest at all, shoulders and tri’s doing all the work.

  3. Curls 5x12 strict form standing with EZ curl

  4. OHP 5x10 standing strict form

  5. Squats 5x5 love me some squats

  6. Shrugs 5x depends, lower weight I’d do 5x30 higher weight I do 5x10

  7. Bent over rows 5x10

  8. Pull ups 5x what ever I can squeeze out lol

  9. Deadlift 5x5 I’ve done more lower weight higher rep stuff vs actual 5x5 working weight just building good subconscious positioning and what not.

I tried to add just enough accessory lifts to appease my ego while trying to still have plenty of steam for the big 3. Doing it circuit style it was a long workout, but I could do it all no problem. Doing it all sets per exercise and moving to the next really adds to the intensity and just all around feeling good about what I’m doing. BUT I get burned out quickly if I’m pushing moderate (for me) weight.

Edit: the one thing I miss about doing the circuit is after each complete set I would stop and stretch my whole body before moving onto the second round, although nothing is stopping from me from doing that now, it was just nice to have such a good stopping point to stop and stretch.

Edit #2: I also got a decent lat pull down machine I just haven’t brought it home, I do plan to add some tricep and upper back work as well.

That workout would take me like 2 hours.

Pretty common; you might not have great structure for benching. Dudes with big torsos and short arms find it easier to build their chest benching. Skinnier folks with longer arms tend to be a bit more arms and shouldersy.

Grip the bar a bit wider and lower the bar to slightly higher up on your chest. Careful, though; that can be hard on the shoulder joints.

It takes for ever. Gonna swap it up just need more research and time.

Yea if I go much wider than I am my shoulders suffer.

I have a long torso, short legs and I think average arms? I’m 6ft and they are 3 or 4 inches (wingspan) than my height.

Split it up into 2 days. First day have a squat, bench a row, second day you can deadlift, military press and do pull ups. Add direct arm, shoulders and abs work as you see fit.

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That seems simple enough! I like it. Splitting it up like that would it give me room to add some more or would you leave it at what I’ve got?

I can go up rapidly on flat bench but it doesn’t do shit for my chest. I like decline bb bench and incline db press if I want to hit.my chest. Fly’s work as well.

That’s a long, rough workout. I don’t think I could handle that. How many days a week do you do that?

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Every other day. Doing it in circuit form it’s not even that bad, just takes for ever. Doing it the other way is a ball buster.