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How Do You Do a Standing Cable Crunch?

even light weight is lifting me off the ground(i am 196), i try to keep the tricep rope on the top of my head to make it harder… do i have to wear a dip belt? i tried looking for a demo on youtube

How do you do it standing?? I’m only 5’10", but I’m still too tall to do it standing. I do crunches on my knees.

^Ditto. On my knees with the rope handles on both sides of my neck. Crunching till my nose touches the ground.

boys are always trying to get me on my knees

…here’s to hoping that you’re a female…


Is there any guidance for this? I can do it standing, but I’m unsure if I’m supposed to anchor my butt on the stack or if I’m supposed to do it just standing free touching nothing. Are there any fine points to this exercise (i.e. focus on NOT using the hips as much or vice versa)?



I do them like this, but I hold each one for two seconds before coming back up.


In fact, this guy does them more like me.

Try to sit back on your heels as much as possible for a harder workout.

Hmm, I don’t really have access to YouTube at the moment (military deployment thing). Is there anyway you can describe how to do the movement correctly? I get the jist, I just want to make sure that I’m doing it as correctly as possible.



Well, I kneel on the ground to do them. I don’t move my arms at all- by that I mean I don’t pull the ropes down to the ground. I keep my arms fixed in the same position and lean forward, taking a deep breath before I do so. Hold for two seconds then ease up to the starting position and exhale. It’s very difficult to describe it without diagrams or youtube. So have a look at this:


Notice that the guys arms are in the same position throughout the exercise. He just leans forward for the ‘crunch’. To be fair, I think he’s a bit too high on the 2nd pic and not down low enough on the first (I touch the ground with my elbows). Now, look at the difference with this second guy.

His arms are outstretched in the first pic, which is not a good starting position. By the time you have knelt on the ground, your arms should be bent and your hands by your head like the guy in the first pic. However, the guy in the 2nd pic gets into the correct position for the ‘crunch’ phase.


Hope that helps. Maybe some of the more experienced posters can add their views, too.