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How do you determine if you getting enough calories

I have increased my eating frequency and my calories. I am 6’4" weigh 334 and have low twenties BF level. I calculate that my basil level is 2900 calories and my activity level uses somewhere near 4700-calorie day expenditure. Does it make sense to gain strength and size I would need to consume 4700 to 5200 calories? Keep in mind that the numbers are my calculations and I am not sure of their validity. Do these seem reasonable given the fact that I lift 3-4 days a week for a 1-1.5 hours? Play golf 1-2 times a week walking 18 and have football practice on Saturdays. I have gained strength and changed my body composition by adding protein and cutting poor food choices but my calories are still in the high 2K level. I am wondering if I need to increase my eating levels? My goals are to keep getting stronger with my current weight not an issue at this point. Once I am finished playing football I would like to be in the mid 280s. Any help would be appreciated.

weigh your self on the same accurate scale, and take body fat measurements. If your goal is to put on lean mass then you should increase in lean mass. If you are losing lean mass then you are not getting enough calories. Fat mass sucks! laters pk

Thanks for the input.