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How Do You Define Masculinity?


How would you define masculinity?

Is it something that can be measured? We all have preconceived notions of what sort of person could be considered masculine. is it only actions that cause a testosterone increase that we consider masculine??


Ripping stop signs out of the sidewalk.


A beard.


It's not something that needs to be defined.


It's all here.


It's hard to define, but I know it when I see it.


Rule Number 1 of Masculinity: Not discussing Masculinity.


While not the definition of manliness, that was the definition of humorous. Anyone have the link to that little gem?





These could be the definition of stupid, but I consider these ballsy/manly:

Walking calmly during a mortar attack.

Jogging home from a vasectomy.

Pissing on an IED.

Wiping your ass with your own underwear in disregard to toilet paper shortage...

Flannel shirts.


Listening to Pantera with a tequila hangover. Willingly.


The pinnacle of Masculinity is a fleeting moment you can never capture or pinpoint, because as soon as you notice it, it's not masculine.

It's when your girl is telling you about her day and you're thinking about her friend naked and 5 minutes of straight yapping have gone by and you don't even know one word that was said and all of the sudden you snap out of it....there, in that moment, you were masculine.

A fart during a eulogy, a burp during the nuptuals that is masculinity....No, Masculinity is not found in saying 'I don't give a fuck!'... but rather it's found in the action of not giving a fuck.


It's all about dick size.


Confidence to do what others don't have the testicular fortitude to do.

Naturally there's many interpretations of this, varying from smashing your head into a brick wall, to standing up for your rights in the face of opposing law enforcement. Naturally, this isn't a quality only inherent in men.




Maybe this is the real reason girls dont like beards...to supress the masculinity?


That's a good theory. Thankfully my girl doesn't mind, because I hate shaving!


Ohhh, my balls and stomach hurt just from reading that!


A shaved sack! You must shave before seening the doctor!


No question...

Richard Simmons and Elvis.


I have NO IDEA whether or not Richard shaves his nutsack...and don't wanna' know!