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How Do You Define Low Libido?


Well, How do you define libido? Is having low libido equivalent to having low desire for any sort of physical intimacy or sexual experience?

Why am i asking this? I have had low levels of urge to engage in any sort of sexual activity, you know the type when you just want sex? It’s not very often i feel that. With lowish T, i have mood, fatigue problems and i am wondering what libido comprises. For example, some people masturbate often, others are okay if there other halves offer sexual favours however don’t initiate as often or have the energy to engage in a sexual intercourse.

I am comparatively more active in terms of other sexual activities like receiving oral sex when my other half offers and don’t find myself rejecting those advances, i also find myself masturbating at least once in 2 days, while the feelings driving these sessions are unmotivated or “just for the sake of it” nature. However when it comes to actual sex, i find myself lacking and completely worn out to think about it. When it comes down to it, as it requires a certain level of urge feeling to engage in intercourse, i classify this as very low libido but would like to hear other experiences with this.

This is just a curious topic to try and an effort at quantifying libido measurement. I understand that this is not something quantifiable but since everyone on here has had “low libido”, i think it’s a fair exercise. Did/do you feel completely off/worn out/uninterested for any sort of sexual activity or holistically?


It is very difficult to define as libido is different for everyone. Prior to TRT, sex was something that I didn’t care about. Now, the littlest thing can initiate sex. I feel like I’m in the cialis commercial where the feeling can strike at any moment.


I know that’s why i took so long to ask for experiences. Like i said, it’s something not on the list of priorities, and i am not excited when anticipating any sexual activity. However, i am more in a mood for stimulation when it requires no particular effort. I don’t if i am able to explain enough in words, but as i said, wouldn’t say no to sexual favours but not driven to actually seek sex.


As you know, libido is multi faceted. Part hormone, part psychology, and part health to mention a few.

I can’t explain it. I went from no real interest to a great deal of interest.


I have had all the symptoms but NOT low libido. That’s what baffled my wife about the diagnoses. I’m always after her like a spider monkey LOL.


Well that’s the perfect example of how the definition of low libido is dependent on each and every person then. I am the complete opposite, no urge to engage in sex since i have turned 19, 6 years without feeling like sex, god. And to think, before getting tested it might be “normal” as i am young and lift 5 times a week and count calories and macros, eat well balanced meals. I hate to think what my levels would be if i was a couch potato like 90% of the population that surrounds me.

Then again, my problems look like testes rather than only lifestyle or other triggers for low T. I was thinking of giving a varicocele’s corrected but surgery down there scares the living hell out of me and i have heard some horror stories. Plus, no real evidence that correcting it would get me back to the levels where i would feel no symptoms seem like risky business and i don’t mind pinning if i really feel good.

How’s your treatment coming along now? we started at a similar time if i remember correctly.


I too am on TRT for primary hypogonadism, my doc suspects the out of control/untreated hydroceles as the cause.

Mine sprung up after multiple hernia repairs, and re-repairs, I ignored them for a few years (surgeon/urologist said it was a benign condition), but then the swelling got out of control (i.e. went from a a pair of limes to a pair of large grapefruits). Let me tell you, when they get that big, and that tight… not only could I not go in public (they just don’t make pants baggy enough), but the resulting discomfort crushed my appetite, sleep etc… I mean when they got bad enough, I seriously considered the merits of operating on myself. I was happy to have them aspirated (read: needle to the nuts) for a little relief, and happy to have them operated on.

There is no evidence that correcting them will help, but I can say neglecting mine led to a world of hurt.

My advice, if it ever gets past a dull ache/double size… think about getting them fixed.


Of course, i was referring to the testosterone side of things. I have had two bouts of pain, one of which was resulting from an epidymo-orchitis infection, the pain was amplified due to the varicoceles( i have on both testes), otherwise i do not have pain issues, sometimes there’s dull ache but not chronic or troubling. I can feel them when examining testes though and they are more 2.5mm on both sides.

I would get them operated on if there was a clear indication that it would allow my levels to recover that i won’t require TRT.

If i ever feel that they’re causing discomfort or pain, i would then consider surgery.


My libido was always what I would consider strong, though in the evenings I would get tired. After getting my hormones fixed, I’d say it’s almost bordering on unreal. I’d almost like to take it down a notch.


For me, I would see a great looking young women on the street or grocery store and marvel like she was a piece of fine art. After TRT, it was strong lust; want to hit that.

Libido can involve a lot of thinking about sex. Low libido may be a lack of interest, but still being able to perform if the wife/GF initiates. So initiating is a factor.

So low T is an obvious issue. High normal TT and FT can be great, but this requires that E2 be optimal and that thyroid function be good. Thyroid problems are mostly the same symptoms of low-T.

Libido can be a measure of health and vitality. Anything that messes with health and vitality can decrease libido.


I think that makes sense, I don’t find a lot of women attractive these days but when I do its more of a “pretty” feeling rather than lust.


It’s awesome that you feel that way especially on clomid. You’re one of the few people who feel well and functional on it.


Confusing - as this is the first reference to clomid in this thread.


I’m one of the few people that feel well and stick around. Haven’t seen too many people lately on a sane SERM/AI dose and complaining of side effects. Have seen a bunch of people on insane AI or SERM doses complaining though… Have seen a lot of people who can’t even get a SERM/AI prescribed too…


I was referring to gonadthebarbarian as its a known fact now that he’s doing well on clomid