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How Do You Define A T-Man?

The word T-man seems to get thrown around alot here. It seems most have their own definition of a T-man, usually pertaining to their own moral standards and interests.

My question to everyone here is, “How do you define a T-man?”.

My concept is;

  1. A man of high rank(alpha male), that is in a position to lead others.
  2. An independent thinker. Someone who makes their own decisions and formulates their own ideas.
  3. A man that is in good health. He radiates a physical presence.
  4. A man that knows how to enjoy life. He takes advantage of the pleasures at his disposal.
  5. A man of high ambition. He has goals, and strives to achieve them.
  6. A man that gets the girl. Women want him, and men envy him.
  7. A man with a high sex drive, that takes advantage of his large appetite.

I’m sure I can think of more, and get a little more specific but this is a start.

Some people who I consider T-men; Hugh Hefner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Sir Winston Churchill, Michael Jordan.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and I’m sure many will disagree with me but that’s my opinion none the less.

I don’t think it’s a prerequisite for a T-man to be “jacked” either. It’s more a state of mind than the way he looks.

Good definition. Good points.

Cept’ i think elvis ‘started’ out as a T-Man, but lost the status when he found drugs.

My 2 cents.


You forgot Christopher Reeve.



see i think that a T-man s someone who is not oberly in good health but it is more of an attitude.

Strength plays an important part, good looks dont go astray but it really is a mental thing. we seek self improvmen, like a spiritual satanist, they aim to better themselves and dont take no for an answer.

Self confidence is another must, i hate when people who used to be wankers at school ask me if i will back them in a fight, thye only person who will back you up is YOU so hit the guy/s hard and fucking fast.

It would be nice to think that every t-man was like james bond crossed with Riddick, but we arent.

I am relativley well educated, speak 3 languages, keep to myself etc. some might consider me to be an anti T-man but it is all mental. a good source of t-men would be specail forces, namley SAS, Delta, seals etc. hard men yet will sit down and watch a documentry or read a book.

enough of my rant


I agree about Elvis. His flame blew out pretty quick, but he was a sight to see when he was younger.

I think a T-man is more about ideals to aspire to. There isn’t anyone that really has all of those qualities to a great deal.

Obviously not everyone can be an alpha male but you can improve your lot in life regardless. There’s something still admirable about being 2nd or 3rd in command and so on.

That goes with all the other qualities as well. It’s more of a spectrum. It’s not about being the best, but in improving what you already have.

Ultimately- the one guy in the room that no one whats to F’ with.

Theodore Roosevelt. True T-man. We need another president like him. Unfortunately, he’d probably never get elected – wouldn’t pander to the lobbies.

I can’t see Bill Clinton on that list.

Pat Tillman

[quote]Atreides wrote:
Pat Tillman[/quote]

That’s a T-man. Did it his way - did the HELL out of it his way.

Fuck the NFL - everyone that watches a football game should be wearing a black #40.

I picked Bill Clinton because he was in a leadership position of great importance, he’s charismatic, very intelligent, ambitious, a good looking guy, and chicks dig him.

I’m sure I could have picked a better American president as a candidate but as a Canadian I’m not that well versed with American history.

From what I know of Teddy Roosevelt, he fits the description well.

some people need a life.