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How Do You Deal with Body Hair?

Do you shave, trim, wax, let it grow, etc.

Depends on what part.

I think any dude with back/shoulder hair should laser that shit off, or at least wax it.

Everything else - I think keep it at a respectable level.


Etc. Definitely etc.


What would be an acceptable level to you?


Ya’ll would be terrible Gastons.

Be more like Gaston.


I mean… do you look like an 80s Italians gangster with your hair popping out of the shirt? Does your hair curl on your arm? leg?

Nah but I got hair on my shoulders, upper back and lower back. It’s weird and I’m wondering what you guys do. I might just wax it or something, since it’s the path people apparently take on the internet.

Wife shaves it. And I’m very hairy!

I have zero body hair on my upper body and very few on my lower. If I were to attend a show (prbably someday) I would litteraly only shave my armpits for my upper body. For once, bless my genetics!

My torso is covered with hair. You can barely see my abs if I don’t keep up with it. I usually let it grow. Most chicks are into it. Weirdly, I cant grow a full beard.

Grow your chest hair higher.


Used to shave it, decided to stop and keep a full beard to match. Do what makes you happy and confident.


Fuck it, embrace the manlihood. I’ve never touched my back or torso hair, and have the beard to match :bear:, luckily the Mrs loves it

You used to shave what? Your entire body hair? But that’s really extreme, and really fucking uncomfortable when it starts growing back and itching. Why not simply maintain the hair at respectable lengths?

Because are you truly happy looking like a woolly mammoth? Actually, scratch that, woolly mammoths look cool as fuck. Are you truly happy looking like a sasquatch?

Do you grow long body hair to the point to where you have to “maintain” length?

No brick don’t do that. Keep the mystery alive man!

go get it waxed.


yes, wax it. go to a good Brazilian place.

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Wife once waxed the back of my neck and it was the most painful experiences of my life. I literally howled!

She’s a hairstylist.

well, the back of your neck is pretty sensitive dude and those hairs tend be thick if you have them.

Go to a place where they have that specific type of Brazilian wax that hardens and then they peel/pull it off. It does not hurt.

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On a Major Concern Scale from 1-10, it’s like a 2-3. Maybe jumping up to 4ish when it’s picture-taking time or a beach trip is imminent.

In general though:

Not everyone is comfortable with the Wookie look. Some want to be more 3po - smooth and shiny. You do you.

It depends. I use clippers with guards. Shaving leads to uncomfortable re-growth. If it bothers, you, just keep it to about a 1/4 inch or so.

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