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How Do You Count Sets?


When you guys/girls have to do a high amount of sets, how do you keep track of which set you are on? Possibly stacking 2 1/2 pound weights, pen marks, or maybe you just fucking know every time?




Pen and paper?


If you are having a lot of trouble I guess you could make a little counter out of beads. Search for pace counters.


Are you on teh drugz?


so you guys are saying you dont forget what sets your on?????


I'm not implying anything about you here, but I know that back when I was less serious about my training than I am now I would forget which set I was on from time to time... 'Wait, was this my 4th or 5th set?'. I'd talk with people in between sets or just sort of think about other stuff.

Now I just focus on my training and I never forget which set I'm on anymore.



I cut notches on my thigh with a box cutter.


Happened to me before. When this happens I assume the lower and carry on.



I didn't use to keep a log when I first started, now I'd be lost without it.




No I don't forget. Lol that is like going to a whore house and forgetting to ask for a BJ.


Back when I used to smoke a lot of weed, I would forget sets. I would also forget the day of the week, the year, my pants, all kind of things. The only thing I wouldn't forget was to eat.

What was I talking about?


find the most useless machine in the gym as I am sure there are many and use the pegs of the weight stack to keep track of what set you are on (standing calf machine, lat pulldown machines work well). I only really need to use them when i am doing 5+ sets as it seems easy enough to count the lower set days.

When in doubt if you have done enough, do another set.


wait what?


Thats a new one; sick of tattooing lines on my body to count sets


Happens to me occasionally.


I punch babies in the face...when I have 4 babies crying, I move on the next exercise on the list. My fist is usually sore after about 12-20 babies depending on body parts trained.


where the child with down sydrom saying "I can count to four potato!"?
Or something like that. Would be perfect here.