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How Do You Cook YOUR Chicken?

I want to hear your methods, so far I’ve been sticking to just some olive oil on the pan, get it warm, drop some seasoning on it, then let it finish cooking…

buuuuut, I feel like its ineffective and I often end up with undercooked chicken

So, how do you prepare your boneless and skinless chicken breasts?

In the oven with a little olive oil and a can of chopped tomatoes over it. Or poach it in stock or water, let it go cold in the water, then pull it out and slice - good for sandwiches or salads. Or if you still want to pan fry just cut the breast in half - so it’s the same size but half as thick. It will cook quicker and is easier to make sure it’s completly done.

I don’t eat Boneless breasts, only wings. But if I did, I would cook it like I do steak. 350 for about half hour with some cayenne pepper and salt.

BBQ with some sauce on top.

Charcoal grilled chicken is the best in my opinion. If you have problems with undercooking get a temperature gauge to check it or just cut it lol.

Take chicken breasts and spread some olive oil over it, not too much. Then salt/pepper it. Then pour a whole lot of lemon juice over it. Do this for both sides.

Put a skillet on the stove and put some unpasteurized butter in it, and melt it. Pan-fry. 3 minutes high heat on each side, so it’s golden brown. Then switch burner to low, cover the skillet, and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Flip once 5 minutes through.

Yummy lemon-pepper chicken breasts.

When pan frying/cooking I use the Paillard (sp?) method. Use a meat mallet (or a heavy pan) and “flatten” the meat. You don’t have to have it completely flat, just smash it down to less thickness. The thinner you make it though, the wider it becomes. It also works well on a hot grill for some nice Fajitas.

I just posted about my favorite chicken cooking method at V-Life. Here ya go:


if im cookinh it in a pan, i cut into small pieces…spray pan with olive oil fat free spray…cook on medium high until both sides are browned a bit and then lower heat to medium to finish cooking it…

grill or oven…just cook it until done basically…

season with zero calorie seasoning like mccormick montreal chicken seasoning or ms dash…could also put lime juice on it…

olive oil fat free spray? Olive oil is healthy fat. how could it be fat free?

Low carb or regular bbq sauce. Loosen up the skin tuck some underneath. Then while almost cooked glaze the top with some more.

If no skin just some on top at the beginning with some slits in the chicken.

Trim up a couple lbs and bake for 25 min at 335. Simple but easy to overbake. Season before you eat so you have options. A lot of times I eat it plain with a lil ketchup served with some quinoa. Deelish.

George Foreman FTW.

I go to the local grocery store and buy a whole, organic, rotisserie chicken for $5.99.

[quote]bwbski wrote:
olive oil fat free spray? Olive oil is healthy fat. how could it be fat free?[/quote]

The amount in a serving is so small that it doesn’t have to be counted in the calories on the label. The serving is VERY small, something like a super quick tap of the button.

I usually buy the large packs of chicken legs. I’ll bake them for an hour and fifteen minutes at 360 degrees after seasoning. Thighs are too much fat, wings too little meat, chicken breast usually too expensive.

It’s somewhat convenient because I can wrap sweet potatoes in tin foil and with a little olive oil, and I just bake them with the sweet potatoes and just take them out 15 minutes later and they’re so good.

[quote]bwbski wrote:
olive oil fat free spray? Olive oil is healthy fat. how could it be fat free?[/quote]

it’s not exactly fat free…but the amount of fat is so negligible that it might as well be…

when i eat chicken, i eat it because it has very low fat compared to other protein sources…i don’t want to add fat to it…

Take a bunch of garlic, break it down, take onion and break it down,

Put chicken, some mustard, a tsp of honey black pepper and the broken down onion and Dijon mustard, spread that over the chicken in a pan, bake for however long your particular oven takes.

Great with red potatoes or cauliflower on the side depending on your dietary needs, you can cook them in the pan with the chicken or separately.

Easy and tasty.

I don’t saute boneless chicken breast in a skillet, or grill it, because the outside gets leathery and it’s very easy to overcook it to dryness, plus it lacks flavor.

I coat pre-brined chicken tenderloins with EVOO, then crust them with good quality fresh grated parmesan/romano, sprinkle with kosher salt, herbs, and fresh ground black pepper. I then broil them in an oven preheated to 450, for about 4 minutes or so until the cheese is browned and internal temp is 160ish, no more. (Every oven/broiler varies as far as distance under the broiler versus time to complete cooking. It is worth working it out to perfection in your own oven.)