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How Do You Cook Your Chicken Breasts?


How do you cook your chicken breasts so they are not fucking DRY ????????

Looking for tips for cooking them on the BBQ.


I put them in a pan with a little bit of vegetable oil, and then put that on the stove. It works and you don’t have to clean as much as if you’d used the BBQ.


For an average bag-o-breasts type of cut I broil it on the second rack down for 6 min on one side and 5 min on the other.

Rest it for another minute for perfect juicy doneness.

For the good ones, crank up the grill to full heat, sear both sides for about a minute each, then 5 min per side, cut one open to check doneness and adjust from there( usualy don’t have too much more to cook from there).


marinate them first. also pound them with a tenderizer…watching food network will be good for you.


Are you cooking over medium to medium/low heat? I find they get a bit dry on the grill if you cook too high. Some bar-b-que sauce may help.

Also, the most useful gift I’ve ever gotten from my wifes side of the family is a digital meat thermometer fork similar to this (except mines a much older version):


I like to cook my chicken breasts in a pan in the oven. I put as many as will fit. Per pound of meat I use ~ 1 tablespoon olive, 1 tablespoon wine, 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano. Marinate for a few days (turning once a day) and then cook in the oven on ~ 350F for maybe 20 minutes per side. Experiment a bit. I’ve also done them on the stove top with a pan (in olive oil of course) like 165statechamp. I like the oven method better just because I can cook more at one time.


Let that sucker soak in Italian dressing for a hour, grill, eat…Delicious


I poach mine.

Toss them in boiling and simmer for 2 minutes then turn off the heat and cover for 30 minutes, et voila!

This is easily the best way of cooking them imo. So moist with perfect texture.


Lately, I’ve been eating boneless chicken thighs. Higher in fat but 100 times tastiest than breasts.


like EL Sonido said poaching is the best. It’s by far the healthiest and juiciest way to cook chicken breasts.

Get some cheap white or red wine from the liquor store (theres like 6$ bottles) and fill the bottom of a pan with it and some water if you need to.

Heat until little bubbles appear and stick your chicken in with basil/oregano/thyme/tarragon/whatever spices you like.

Cook open or covered and don’t forget to flip it.

After that’s all done you can throw some flour and milk into the leftover wine/chicken broth and make a great sauce for some veggies too.

edit- Also be careful soaking your chicken in lemon juice or vinegars for long periods of time because it will dry the breasts out.


Bake it in the oven for 45 mins but Before I layer the pyrex with olive oil and tomato sauce. Not as dry as grilling it.


Also I season it and let it marinate for at least an hour before cooking


Throw them on the BBQ with some charcoal and some hickory chips and season them with some low sodium Pappy’s. Thats all I do


Slice thinly, sprinkle with McCormicks Salt Free Garlic & Herb seasoning, saute in a bit of olive oil at medium heat. Pat with paper towel and getcha some.

For the BBQ, marinate in Minorcan Datil Pepper Marinade for 1 hour. Grill on medium heat, only turn once and do not press down on the boob with the tongs or flipper. Optionally, after removing from grill, dress with Sweet Sting Mango Passion Habanero Honey glaze. Either way, mmmm…


Usually the George Foreman doesn’t dry them out. I find if I marinade them over night and put them on the BBQ they stay pretty moist. Just don’t over cook them. They can be a tiny bit pink in the middle when you take them off. Leave them on the counter for like 15 mins and they will continue cooking and keep the juices in.

Easy marinades are:

lime juice
cayenne pepper
salt pepper


olive oil
balsamic vinegar
salt pepper
Dijon mustard


Fuck breasts, go for thighs.

But if you must eat breasts then look up a way of cutting them called “butterflying.” You basically cut them thinner and reduce the cook time and therefore the chance that the juice will get cooked out of the suckers.

Or you can cook them low and slow. either poached as said or baked or BBQ’d. If you want a good BBQ breast then get a nice constant heat built up in the unit and almost smoke the breast for about 45 mins. you need a good steel/iron or brick bbq for this type of process.

But for real breasts are the most over hyped thing ever. super pricey and shitty for cooking with. Go the thighs.



on the george foreman grill… with italian dressing for marinade


I usually chop some up and fry them them on medium heat in some pure olive oil. Some sauteed peppers, redmonds sea salt, pepper and that’s about it. I’ve heard of cooking them in soy sauce and water from justin harris. sounds good to.

If I have time I also love marinating and cooking on the grill with some BBQ sauce on after. Sweet baby rays:D.


Cubed and simmered in one of those Indian sauces from Trader Joe’s.


check this


I’m about to bbq some chicken on my charcoal grill at home… If you’d like i can send you pictures and a little walk through… Or i can even make a video. If your interested just tell me.