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How Do You Cook Broccoli?


I've been eating broccoli pretty much every day for at least 1 meal, and I was wondering how various T-Nationers cook it. It seems so bland to me..


face palm

You can microwave it or boil it in water.

Microwave it just add a tablespoon of water roughly depending on how much you make. I put it in for 45 seconds usually, but all microwaves are different.

It's much easier to eat it cooked so I know what you mean.


-cut up head of broccoli
-put stalks into pot (they cook slower)
-put flowery parts on top of stalks (they cook faster)
-Put in enough water to cover the stalks but not so much that every thing is submerged (you want to steam the broccoli not boil it basically)
-Turn on heat, cook for 5 minutes or so with lid on
-Drain water, if water is very green you over cooked it.

Things to remember:

Broccoli can be very sugary when fresh so don't overcook it or it will taste bland.
Only buy firm broccoli that doesn't have a dry stalk.
Grate cheese on it or use a creamy salad dressing if you want more flavor.


i find it better when cooked with some butter or mac oil in a pan, helps keep the flavour and crispness


I was trying to make a wilted spinach salad once, but was out of spinach... Broccoli made a good substitute. This isn't exactly low fat, but if you aren't cutting, it's not too bad:

Cook chopped bacon in a frypan. Cut fat off or drain if you prefer (lol. I don't prefer.) When bacon is basically cooked, throw in chopped broccoli and stir-fry till the broccoli is half cooked. Add balsamic vinaigrette dressing and cover to steam cook it the rest of the way in that.

If you over-do the liquids, there will be some left over... Just scoop the broccoli and bacon out of that, and eat.


If you're eating broccoli solely for its nutritional benefits, you should avoid overcooking when boiling in water. The minute it's in water some of the nutrients will start to seep out. To maintain as much of the nutrients as possible you're better off steaming the vegetable in a steamer or as mentioned above, using a microwave. Another good alternative is to 'stir-fry', or cook it with a wok. The most important thing is that you're eating the stuff regardless of your cooking method.

If you're looking for alternatives you could opt for cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts or kale. They all, especially cabbage, have a very similar nutritional profile as that of broccoli. One idea: cook some cabbage and for additional taste add a spoonful of marmalade and mix.


Thanks for the responses, I've been just boiling it for preparation, and judging by Mr. Body Massage's post, cooking it way too long.


great description bro, you are a creative fellow, thank you :)))))


this sounds yummy dish! thank you :))))


If I'm having it as a side, I typically stir fry it with lots of garlic in whatever cooking oil I'm in the mood for that day (Olive oil, ghee, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, red palm oil, etc.) Add a little salt, pepper, turmeric, or whatever spice I feel like for the last few seconds of cooking.

If I'm in a rush and am looking for some quick nutrition, then I take a bag of frozen (BJ's sells giant sacks of frozen organic broccoli that are separated into individual baggies), dump it into a bowl, defrost in the microwave until it's no longer one large frozen block, drizzle with olive oil, dump jarred marinara sauce over it (I look for imported brands that don't contain sugar, HFCS, chemicals, or other junk my grandma wouldn't put in her marina), throw it back in the microwave until it's all hot, then sprinkle it with some milled flax seed. It's not the most elegant or appetizing looking thing, but it actually tastes pretty good, only takes like 1 minute to prepare (not counting microwave time), and it packs alot of nutrition in.


I put the broccoli in a sieve, and put that in a saucepan with water. I put a stainless steel bowl upside down over the sieve and let it steam on low for about 15 minutes (alot of the steam escapes from the sides of the sieve). It actually tastes not bad! I'm up to three heads/6 cups of it a day now: one with lunch, dinner, and before bed.


Don't cook it.

Raw Broccoli Salad with Cumin and Lemon Juice

2 cloves garlic, finely minced
1 teaspoon cumin
1 lemon juiced
2 tablespoons cilantro, finely minced
3 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper
3 cups broccoli, chopped small

Whisk or shake together garlic, cumin, lemon juice, cilantro, oil and salt and pepper. Pour over broccoli and let sit for at least an hour.

The alternative is broccoli, finely chopped onion, sunflower seeds and mayo - all mixed together.