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How Do You Compete??


Ever since I first discovered t-mag quite a few years ago (before the first redesign, anyone remember that?), I fell in love with the POWER exercises. Deadlifting, Squatting, Power Cleans, fun!! And over the years I've gotten stronger and stronger and stronger.

Lately, I've been toying with the idea that I might actually be able to do a little bit of competing with my newfound strength (and definitely much more to come!). But, I have no clue as to how to go about it. I've seen plenty of videos of people posting their competition clips but where does one start?

For those of you out there that compete, how did you start out? Basically, how/where do you hear about competitions?? And any general tips/advice on starting along this path? (I'm going for powerlifting, bodybuilding maybe in 5 years or so hehe, but any advice would be awesome)


easy here you go


find a meet, pic one, sign up and do it thats it really.

You can go by area find your state chair of various thread give em a ring








Wow, didn't know it was as easy as one link...

A whole new world has been opened...

Thank you


www.nastrongmaninc.com if you want to go that route.


I got introduced to powerlifting by lifting with the team here at LSU. I since moved on to more strongman oriented endeavours but that's how I got into the strength world.

There are way more teams around than you would think.

Once I got into it I found out there were groups at gyms really close to my old place.



I love your pic btw, I'm dying to flip some tires haha!


There isn't any upcoming comps in California but should be around 4-6, maybe more next year.

Thanks, There are a few good training groups in California depending on what part of the state your in. Go out and flip a tire! Or if you have the room get one, pretty easy to acquire and can be lots of fun!


Looked up a meet in PLUSA and went.

My advice is GO.