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How Do You Change Your Training On Cycle?

Subject says it all.

I personally have no set changes, but I do find that I will start to throw in “Extra” sessions on muscle groups that I dont think will affect my overall program.

How do you change your training while on cycle?

I just train more, as the body now has the capacity to handle it.

Vague questions can only be given vague answers. The easy catch all as Joey said is just do more however its not always that simple.
I dont cycle per se I just transition between compounds. For instance, in the last week I changed from running mast and test and I added tren into the mix. This caused me to drop my test down quite a bit to accommodate.

I actually reduced my training days from 4 to 3 per week with this change in AAS. Now admittedly, that was done because I also changed training protocol to focus more on strongman stuff.
So like anything the compounds you select to run need to be in perspective with your training goals. Same goes for diet. If you are trying to bulk up yes eat everything in site, jack your test way up and sure increase training volume. Getting ready for PL comp or BB show it will be vastly different

If you decide to train more or more often be prepared to eat accordingly. You need the nutrients to put that extra workload to use.

In addition to what Bonez said about more nutrient intake:

I also find that I like to do higher intensity cardio while on cycle, since your body is in a muscle-sparing mode. Again though, gotta eat more for everything you add on.

all my reps and weights go up, i dont need as much time to recover, and i really dont find i get sore.