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How Do You Change Your Routine Whilst Cutting?


Hi everyone,

I'm new here, I've been reading a lot and have taken a lot of good information from this website. I am currently losing some fat (using Leangains style IF) and after suffering from a hernia, I've been training full body 3 times a week using restrictive exercises and intensity. I'm feeling better now so I'm thinking of going back to 4 day (2 upper/2 lower) routine, which has always worked well for me.

My question here is how do people change their routines when they are cutting? Do you decrease frequency/load? Change your rep scheme?

Many Thanks


The only thing I alter is that I include small amounts of cardio on the days I don't hit the weights. Other than that, I don't change a thing.



I wouldn't go for new 1RMs, but other than that I wouldn't change anything.

I think Centopani, in one of his vids, talks about how you shouldn't change anything while cutting for a comp, because if it's what got you the muscle in the first place, it'll be what helps you keep it.


Drop cals

Add steady state cardio and HIT cardio one off day...not on the same day,alternate


What he said. Don't change your lifting. Only diet and then add in cardio later on if necessary.