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How Do You Calculate Calories Accurately?


I'm about to start the hypertrophy part of my program and want to clean bulk for the duration of it (6 weeks). Stats are 6'2 85kg (188) 12% BF.

I want/need to nail my diet on the head but I'm a little confused as to how to accurately work out the calories of foods.

Example: 1g of protein is 4 kCal right? And 35g of lean beef will provide 10g protein. Does this mean that 35g of steak will be 40kCal (4 x 10). Therefore if you want 50g protein you must eat a 135g (35g x 5) steak. So will this steak then be worth 200kCal (50g x 4)?

Just for simplicity say your only protein source is steak. So if you need 1500kCal from protein a day you will then need to eat 1312.5g (1500/40= 37.5 x 35) of steak a day.

Is this the correct way to calculate calories? Or do you simply multiply the weight of the food (35g steak x 4 = 140kCal and not 40kCal)

And does anyone have a link to a table with accurate nutritional values for different foods? IE: How many grams of chicken breast for 10g of protein


Theres also fat in steak and chicken which would add to your total calories.




You asked, "How do you calculate calories accurately?"

Are you fucking kidding me?



Damn man. My head hurts reading your post. There's no way to "accurately" count calories. You gotta trust them online food journals/calculator thingies. And one more thing.... K.I.S.S.


Trying to work out fat in steak is an even more of a pain in the ass! So I've just resorted to calculating added fat.

Thanks for the input and response


Foods give you calories from various sources, google Calories etc and you will soon find a whole lot of websites that will give you the calories in either a 'portion' or (much more usefull) per 100grams.
Weigh all your food, multiply your foods weight(in grams)/100 by the calories in 100g of that food. This will give you the calories in your food.

It will also be a bit of a chore at first. You will soon learn your favourite foods calorie levels.
Points to remember: use the values corresponding with the food as you weigh it (ie if you weigh your chicken breast raw apply the calories of RAW chicken, if you weigh it cooked,use the values of cooked chicken breast) obvious really.

If you really want to know what your eating you can also find levels of Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat as well as total Calories.
You can also find reference books with all this info' in.


What does K.I.S.S stand for? And I'm getting the feeling that accurately counting the calories is a waste any way. Just going to stick to the basics of my eating plan and see how my body responds.

Sorry about the numbers, I'm a numbers man. Stats major


Thanks for the advice. That is a much simplier way of doing it. I'll try find those values per 100g. Googled it before but it mainly came up with dieting crap and wonder pills. The table I have in a book gives what is needed for 10g of protein.

Thanks again


Keep It Simple Stupid


The gold standard would be to weigh EVERYTHING that you eat.

A step down would be to accurately measure serving sizes (by volume).

Either way, look up the stats on fitday or dailyplate or something.


here's three sites to get you started:






Use a calculator, a scale and the label.





Good luck!