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How Do You Bosu


i so so so want one!!!

seriously about 2 of the things being done looked useful and the rest of it just appeared to be stupid for stupiditys sake. i especially like it at the end when he.....
no i wont spoil the amazing training done on the bosu, u'll just have to watch it for yourself


Everything that involved weights/machines looked pretty useless (lunges on a bosu ball?!?!?! Sounds like a fantastic way to twist your ankle; that the actual manufacturer would suggest that as an exercise suggests that they care more about revenue and hype than the safety of their customers), but the bodyweight exercises might actually be useful for agility/balance.


haha i like the exercise with the 4 bosu balls and the guy does the push up thing and changes position. That looks cool. Weights with BOSU I think is retarded. Some of the bodyweight exercises looked pretty good though.




I would pay good money to see Prof. X do that exact routine.

That was great!


Deadlifts are a great way to hurt your back, unless you work up to it. If you work up to weighted lunges on a bosu, you'd be fine.

Don't get me wrong, you'd never catch me doing them. I don't think it carries over well to anything, so there's really no point.

Those push-up things on the four bosus-can you say internal rotation of the humerus?




the vid would be alot more interesting if they used some chicks fake tits instead of bosu balls...

now that would be functional training at it's best...


Now I know what that blue plastic thing I always kick out of my way in the gym is for.

That would be "bugger all".