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How Do You Balance Your Training Routine?

Please correct me if I’m wrong in any part of this.

From what I’ve been reading it is best to be balanced in order to prevent injuries. So like the chest should be balanced with the back, the bicep, the tricep, etc.

How do you know if you are balanced?

I can understand doing the opposite exercises, for example, pull ups vs military press, with the same sets and reps, but I would think this doesn’t mean that you’ll be balanced. Like say, a lot more weight on one or the other.

So going to my question, is there a ratio, where certain opposite muscles can be gauged to judge being balanced. For example a ratio of X between bench press and rowing strength (weight), or mil. press vs. pulldown, etc.

Or is this done in some other way?

Here’s one approach from Charles Poliquin.


just make sure your upper back is stronger than your chest and shoulders, and that your hamstrings are stronger than your quads.

and then make sure your lower back and shoulder joint muscles are strong and attended to.

Stretch. Be flexible.

Don’t use bad form.

You’ll still probably get injured somehow if you train long enough. Good luck!

I don’t think there is any special formula. Generally speaking, just looking at posture will give you clues about imbalances. Problems like shoulders that pull forward or anterior pelvic tilt are fairly common among average weightlifters.