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How Do They Prevent Gyno?

Hey guys,

Just a quick q.

I kno that jay culter and all the other bodybuliders are very careful with their on cycle AI’s and PCT… but i cant imagine how they have kept gyno COMPLETELY at bay? how is it possible with all the hard stacks they go thru??

I have heard you can have that glad removed to prevent gyno. Not 100% on that but have read that somewhere before. Most docs do that after gyno surgery to prevent it from ever coming back.

Why not? What would make them so detrimentally susceptible to gyno that they wouldn’t be able to?

It’s generally believed they don’t use nearly as much AAS as some people might assume, so this would clearly be feasible.

By their looks it would seem they are probably hitting the GH harder than the AAS.

If that is true, the aromatization isnt a problem…at least as far as I know unless their’s so crazy body conversion I dont know about.

More knowledgeable guys on this?