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How Do They Make This Excellant Anabolic?

I have been useing Winstrol for about 2 years now. I have gotton great results, and have not suffered from any seroius side effects yet’. I am real curoius about the products and things I use. So I was wondering if anyone knows " What is Winstrol?, how do you make it. I am a chemestry teacher and normally do not have problems figureing out the way to make thing and chemicals but this Anabolic I am worried about cause I have no idea what I am taking to be honest.

Steraloids has some info on it as well as the merck index but if you want to know haw to make it just pick up any good organic chemistry book and it’s all there. You should be able to find a synthesis but maybe not what is used on a commercial scale. Either way, it really is not feasible for you to make it. The raw materials are probably not available and some of the chems needed are watched.

Taking any 17alkyated AAS(winstrol,d-bol,etc) for over a 5 week period is lunacy for the simple reason that it can deal your hepatocytes a death blow and btw if you didn’t already know it’s chemical name is stanozolol.