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How Do They Get Big In Jail?


some people might think this is a dum question, but this is something ive been wondering for a while. Everyone talks about nutrtition, even I do. what I want to know is how are people in jail so big. NOw obviously thats not evryone, but ive seen some guys who came from jail and followed no nutrtion and all there used in jail was like a dip bar, chin-up bar, and bench.

How does that happen. Its not only them, there are lots of teens and average people also that are big and yet they do nothing to help there diets? I mean the average people might not be huge but they are a decent size.


They train hard and often using whatever means possible. There is not a lot to do inside. So you have alll the time in the world to do nothing and that gets old pretty fast.


that still doesnt explain anything lol


Take a sample size of a hundred 30 year old males from the general population and a hundred from prison. I would put money on it that the average t-level in those in jail would be higher. Not to say that high t-levels cause criminality, but there is definitely a link.

Combine this with the previously mentioned fact that these men have nothing else to do besides lift weights and what you end up with is a huge % of heavily muscled men. There has already been a study demonstrating that XYY men are more likely to be in jail than XY men, although this is thought to have more to do with decreased IQ than anything...


That's a very interesting theory. Those with higher T levels tend to take more risks and be aggressive. Yeah, maybe that's the reason.


The T-levels in a setting like jail would also elevate. There was an article on here awhile ago I think that explained a little of it... I remember reading one that interviewed a dude who had been in jail for a while and he talked about his and other's training.


Hmm.. if you do not understand what training hard and constantly means with no other choice then to train or sit in your thoughts then it is just a concept that is outside of your experience.

Another example is the Bartendaz movement on the east coast. How do they get in such good shape with only playground equipment? Well watch some of it on youtube. Might give you some hint and its a visual aid.

Though not all guys get big in jail.


your right not all, but also you guys say all they have to do is train, well i could train as much as a want 2. and I do so you cant really say that, your body alwayds needs repair time.


bro, u are obviously not a loyal T-man, there have been several articles about this very subject SEARCH


The easy availability of AS in prison is also a factor.


But don't they get only 3 meals a day? I can see them getting stronger but how do they get so much bigger?


I think this is what the OP was referring to. Granted yes, they can train a lot because of the free time. However, it's often advised that in order to get big, you have to eat big. 3 meals a day of that prison food seems pretty inadequate for building a substantial amount of muscle.


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Duchaine spoke about this in Iron Man. He stated that although he thought nutrition is very important, he did notice that many men in prison get big with shitty food and little access to drugs.

You can eat more than three meals in jail. Snacks are available. Staying consistent with a training and nutrition program, even if it is sub-optimal will take you places farther than someone with an optimal plan but does not stay consistent or train with any purpose or effort.

I'd also like to address the fact, without causing a stir here, that a large percentage of our prison population is black. And as Dogcrap Dante pointed out and observed, many black bodybuilders grow off of the goofiest, lame routines and crumby diets. Flex Wheeler and Paul Dillet are examples. In junior high and high school I had quite a few black classmates and some of these guys were quite thick by the ages of even 14 to 17. This is not to denigrate or jock-grab blacks, its just an observation. Flex Wheeler used to diet for three weeks for a show, eating McDonald's and BK up until then.


Sergio Oliva is another example. The guy used to drink liters of sugary cola and eat loads of white rice, whole eggs, pizza, Chinese food, and burgers. Still got in shape.


Well you beat me to it, but that was exactly what i was gonna say. It is an undeniable fact that Black people have much better genes for muscle building than White people. (Although I think White people have better genes for pure strength) Prisoners are not that huge in countries like Germany or Finland, where the majority is White.

After all, look at a bodybuilding expo, like at the Olympia and the Arnold, and you will see 2 types of males. One is the big (pro) bodybuilder, who is usually Black. The other is the wanna-be fan (and i don't mean that in a derogatory way), who is usually White. Genetics folks, genetics...


Sure, there are differences in group averages, but white guys get big in prison too. Our prison population is almost entirely white and many a skinny petty thief comes out big and muscular a few years later.

The human body adapts to its survival needs. For prison survival large muscles are useful - it's no huge surprise that the human body finds a way to build them, though we probably don't understand the molecular pathways right now.


Think about it, who's in jail? People who sell drugs. Where can you get steroids? From people who sell drugs. ohh wait a minute...looky there...


Bullshit! where are the studies to prove it?

All my many black friends bar one are skinny guys. The exception being my best friend (a Ghanian) who is very thick, but he consumes tons of meat, potatoes, fish and malt drinks.

And he plays a lot of sport on top of working manual jobs.


Aw c'mon guy, not saying roids aren't in the big house, but I highly doubt in the numbers that get high drugs like heroin, cocaine, or weed, are. Even for guys on the street getting legit steroids is hard with all the fakes and counterfeits out there. That would double if not triple with roids in the prison system. Not as lucrative a business I would think.

As far as guys in prison who lift just as there are some huge dudes who hit the weight pile there are legions of skinny dudes in there as well. Even on some of the documentaries on TV when they show the weight area you see a lot of bean poles doing pull ups or benching 135. Probably the same breakdown one would see in a large gym like 24 hour Fitness in regard to big and small guys.