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How do they do it?

How is it that most people taking steriods gain weight so fast. I mean, I know guys that have gained around 20 lbs in one month. Is it that the body while on juice, better utilizes food, no matter what it is (fat, simple/complex carbs, protein)?

actually its because when your on the sauce you stop having bowel movements. therefore the increased weight is pure fecal matter.

Then you must be f@#$%&* huge!!!
Thank you, I’ll be here all week folks.

As you can see you are gonna get flamed for asking questions like that. Read the forum, read books, etc. I know very little about this but my limited knowledge is that they increase protein synthesis therefore increasing muscle mass. And that is an incredibly oversimplified answer. If you educate yourself then ask more specific questions then most of the vets of this board are extremely helpful.


HEO half of that is probably water retention that is lost after the cycle.