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How Do These Thyroid Values Look?


TSH: 1.78mu/L 0.27-4.2
FT3: 5.96 pmol/L 3.1-6.8
FT4: 12.8 pmol/L 12-22

I have extremely dry skin and trying to find out why? I also have low libido and numbness down stairs.

Other values

FT: 0.5 nmol/l or 14 ng/dl 0.2-0.6
TT: 16 nmol/l or 461 ng/dl 8-29
E2: 140 pmol/l or 38 pg/ml 41-159pmol/l
Prolactin: 230 mu/l 86-324
Shbg: 17 nmol/l 18-54
ferritin: 65 ug/l 30-400


I don’t think your testosterone or thyroid panels indicate a problem.

It would be nice to see more iron labs as it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see low iron and iron saturation with a ferritin of 65.

I’ve been iron-deficient more than once and I can tell you I had dry skin. Same with vitamin C deficiency, dry skin and especially on hands and feet.

Are you taking any medications for hair loss?

No drugs for hair loss. My dry skin started after a month on scrotal cream and hasnt fixed itself even after stopping and continuing injections. My skin has got so bad i was sent to hospital yesterday and put on a course of corticosteroid tablets. Im concerned ive done damage to my system by raising dht so much on cream. Is it possible to develop a post fin type syndrome without ever touching the stuff or any other a/r inhibiter? I just dont understand why everything was good 4 years ago for the first couple years then all sorts of issues keep happening. When i felt my best my skin was very oily. Im getting so frustrated feeling poorly all the time.

Maybe you burned through something when on the T-cream. It’s not unheard of for TRT to cause deficiencies if diet is lacking in any way.

You need to look more into iron status.