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How Do These Great Athletes Train?

While being stuck at the airport yesterday, I was forced to watch the ice skating pairs championship. I know I’m setting myself up with you all t-readers, but I was shocked at the great atheletiscim these skaters have!

The men have to: a) one hand snatch a human being b) throw a human being c) triple jump. I couldn’t believe how impressed I was with these skaters. Besides the dancing, how do these atheletes train? Do you anything about their programs? A lot of 0-lifts? Really, I know I’m get ridicule by some of you all, but they’re skills were very impressive.

I don’t know about the figure skaters but I saw a training session of a top speed skater once. She was doing the olympic style weightlifts. She was doing jumping squats with what looked like here bodyweight on the bar…

It was impressive.

I think a while ago Thib had put in a qoute about teaching a female figure skater some Olympic moves.

I am an Olympic Weightlifting coach, and I remember seeing about eight Chineese provincial badminton players come into the lifting room with the coach and asked if they could do some training.

They all did five rep 100kg full back squats, three rep 70kg power snatch and five rep close grip bench. Said thankyou and walked out and played a game of Badminton.

Being a Olympic style coach what impressed me was that they were all under sixty kg body weight and the technique was as good as any lifter I have seen.