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How Do These Basic Testosterone Results Look?

Well in your case it may be a good thing, you don’t want to be on the other end of the spectrum. You can always through more testosterone at high SHBG.

Look at it like this, when my Total T is 500, Free T is 21 top of the ranges, a guy with a high SHBG that binds strongly would probably need a Total T of 1000-1200 to equal the same Free T as myself. Higher SHBG is general healthier than lower SHBG.

Insurance doctors will not allow levels >800, if you go there they will force you to stop TRT for a month, not fun. You need levels higher than >800 to increase Free T high enough.

Taking too low of a dose could actually drop you much lower than you are right now. It doesn’t just add on to what you are making it shuts down your natural production then all you have is that small dose. Im simply telling you what i would do in that situation. Especially since your levels are still basically in range so you could end up feeling exponentially worse than you do now.


Creatinine and eGFR. BUN as well.

SHBG is likely higher as you have 1.09% free testosterone. It would be nice if it were at 2%, which would mean you have twice as much active testosterone doing the good things testosterone does.

You should have your thyroid evaluated while you are at it.

As stated, no.

You will need at least 150mg a week to get your free test to an acceptable level. You will need to run your total test higher than most to get there, at least at first. Given time, your SHBG will come down some. You’ll also likely be fine with once a week dosing. By far, most guys do well with that. You can always increase the frequency if needed, and that would be if you are noticeably running down before your next injection.

Good luck with your journey.

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Both albumin and SHBG bind test. Your numbers for both are high. Your body is trying to hold onto all of the test that you produce, it’s like starvation mode. You are going to need a big does to get your free T up, and no one is going to want to give that to you for a while. You are going to have to endure waiting for labs, dosage adjustment, waiting for labs… probably several times. Probably several months before you get there.

Listen to this man. We all echo his statement. Seriously with a big grin on my face …

Or call a doc that understands these lab values and will use a scientific reason to dose higher without fear.

Or it’s off and on and you are feeling like your dying, then feel dead. Then dying. Then dead. I would suspect this is worse.

Even with that, most are going to want to ease him up and see what happens. If his E2 skyrockets with an increase it can be a problem.

Actually that’s very True. We have to remember that shbg is not always consistent across the board for all men. Guys with high shbg can still get good free t while others with same need double the dose.