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How Do the Strength Gains Work?

7 weeks in to my first ever cycle, and I have to say I am VERY impressed with the results. I really didn’t expect anywhere close to the strength gains I’m currently getting. It’s loads of fun.

It’s got me thinking, how exactly do the strength gains work? My muscles have gotten bigger, so obviously that makes them stronger, but the strength gains are waaaaay disproportionate to the size gains.

Does anyone have any links to any info that explains the science behind steroids making you stronger? I googled it but all I get is info about how it increases recovery. Increased recovery is all well and good but there’s definitely more to it than that.


What steroids are you taken?

test and var. Probably should’ve said that in my original post.

so no one can guide me to an appropriate resource? Disappointing. It would be nice to see something other than broscience on the subject

Increased rbc(oxygen), increased gh, igf, protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, intra/extracellular water retention, androgen receptor stimulation, blunted cortisol, etc.

boom! There it is. Thanks very much mate

I would be interested to know specific numbers.

DHT certainly increases strength. I’d like to find you a specific reference that I seem to recall mentioning its ability to increase muscle firing but my brief Pubmed search was futile. Point is, it has beneficial effects at the neural level.

Not to go too off topic, but recently discovered that loading doses of creatine increase DHT. I wonder if that DHT component adds to the quick low rep strength gains that are experienced. I think the study referenced in the article I read said those on loading doses of creatine experienced roughly a 40% increase in DHT, but no increase in total T. I digress, just a thought.

it an interesting one eh? There must be more info on it but it’s hard to find. I guess because steroids are illegal in most countries it makes it hard for people to study their effects.