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how do the pro's do it?

hi everyone,
I’m very new to the bodybuilding scene, since i’ve only been taking it seriously for only 1 year and a half. I’ve never done steroids and never will, but I do have a question that’s been bugging me for some time, but can’t find an answer to. Basically, it’s obvious that everyone in the Mr O is on gear, but how do these athletes obtain the juice legally? For example, if it requires the use of banned substances to win a place at the Olympia, isn’t the sport itself illegal, since it’s near impossible to get that size and shredded naturally and legally. Also, if Ronnie Coleman was a police officer in Arlington Texas, shouldn’t he be in jail for taking these substances (being a law abiding citizen and all). I thought doctors only gave out prescribed steroids if you suffer from something like muscular dystrophy. Please take the piss out of me, if that’s what it takes to answer the question, cos i really don’t have a clue about this. Also, please don’t think i’m against steroids or anything, cos i’ve always been tempted in the past out of curiosity, but i feel i lack the education involved in taking the stuff. Peace!!

I know from a good source that ronnie coleman told him that he has perscriptions for everything.

My guess would be they go over the border into Mexico. Legally recieve whatever injections they want which would be good for at least a week. They cross back carrying nothing, and no laws are broken.

How do they obtain the juice legally? They don’t. This is America, and anyone with a handful of cash and a little motivation can get basically whatever they want. As for why they don’t get busted all the time, the public is generally ignorant of the extent to which pro BB’s use physique enhancing substances, and they don’t really care anyway. Pro body-building is a very small subculture that is basically laughed at by the general public. If you doubt this, just pick up a news stand muscle-rag and show it to some people at random. Usually, they just laugh and ask why the hell anyone would do that to themselves. Some are repulsed. Besides this, the cost/benefit ratio for law enforcement really doesn’t make it worth their while to go after these guys with the zeal that they go after other illegal drugs and drug users. There just isn’t a lot of public outcry to put these gorillas in jail.

Demo Dick pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you really want better insight into the subculture, just click on the “steroids and other drugs” section of this forum. Start reading (not posting questions) the posts and replies and you will learn a lot. None of the pros obtain anything legally. And even if they did or could obtain drugs legally (which a few things like insulin can be obtained legally), it would be much more expensive and unrealistic considering the dosage levels that are required. I know many police officers that use steroids. I am even aware of one who deals steroids.

Not to mention that most guys without a Weider contract have to engage in shady activities to afford their drug use anyway.

a perscription is legal.
pro’s have perscriptions

I’m afraid you’ve likely been given inaccurate information from someone who is attempting to preserve the “public view” of modern bodybuilding. There may be a select few guys who have perscriptions for certain drugs(pain killers, cortisone, anti-inflamatories), but no LEGITIMATE doctor would precribe the type and amount of drugs that pro bodybuilders have to use.

Sorry, but most anabalic 'roids are controlled substances. Doctors that give them out without valid medical reasons do get busted on occasion, and the penalties are severe. I don’t think you’ll see Ronnie Coleman at the Arlington Walgreens picking up a sack of gear from the prescription counter!