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How Do Tbol Side Effects Compare to Other Orals?

I was thinking tbol might be something i can add, since its infamous for having less sides, however im still concerned about blood pressure.

On Dbol 30 and Adrol 50 my BP skyrockets to the point of sweating and sometimes headaches.

I know that tbol doesnt make you hold water but how about lipids, how hard is it on the blood? Does it still raise BP quite a bit?

Thanks for info in advance.

I’ve used tbol many times, it is my favorite oral. Only side effect I’ve noticed from it is after 4-5 weeks I start getting the back pumps. I’ve never done bloods while on cycle (with tbol or any other gear), but I can tell you this ‘anecdotally’. End of last year I ran a cycle with dbol, just to see if I saw any better effects from it versus tbol. I was taking nolvadex while on dbol to avoid bloating, but I still felt more ‘pressure’ in my face/head when lifting heavy - I’ve never felt that pressure when on tbol. My guess is that dbol raised my BP, where tbol doesn’t (at least to any noticeable degree).