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How Do SERMS Work?


I know they block the receptors from getting estrogen, but I wanted to know how it elevates your testosterone to normal levels?

also with all the extra estrogen floating around where does it go? does it just stop getting produced cause theres a ton around?

just looking for an explanation


Production of LH, the hormone that causes the testes to produce testosterone, is partly inhibited by normal estrogen levels, and moreso by higher estrogen levels. Blocking this action results in more LH which yields more testosterone.

The idea that estrogen not binding to receptors would result in detectably higher blood estrogen levels is not correct. The number of receptors is absolutely trivial compared to the number of estrogen (principally estradiol and estrone) molecules present in the blood. Thus, receptor binding does not at all substantially change the amount present in the blood (by that mechanism.)

Estrogen is produced from testosterone and not because of perceived “need” but based on the amount of testosterone and the amount of aromatase enzyme.


Really basic…

SERM = SELECTIVE Estrogen Receptor Modulators

If a serm is in the receptor then the estrogen cant attach/grow/multiply.