How Do Powerlifters Plan Their Drugs

So mostly we do these 10-12 week blasts followed by cruises and whatnot. But how does that work with strenght training? We do 4-8 weeks, then do a deload. I suppose we could blast for 4-8 weeks + a deload + another 4-8 weeks. But how does building strenght goes with actually pushing strenght? You get stronger on a blast, then lose the strenght on a cruise.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
Also, how would a blast for powerlifting look like - drugs of choice, average dosages(non beginner) etc?

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The guys I know who I consider good enhanced powerlifters often employed a cruise after a competition, then would do a blast for a meet prep.

The biggest / strongest ones cruise on a lot, and up it even more for meet prep. So they might be cruising on 500-1000 mg/wk using lighter compounds like Test only or Test and EQ. Then start of meet prep they add Tren, then in the weeks before the meet they add orals. Some of the strategy on compounds depends on if needing to cut. They might cut out Dbol or Anadrol before weigh ins, then load up on one of them after weighing in. A guy that used to go to my gym would take a handful of Dbol before squats on meet day.

I don’t think there is much of a way to avoid:

This, unless you want to cruise on a lot. Or keep your blasts low, so there isn’t so much of a delta between your blast and cruise.

I think some of my pressing strength has dropped a bit, but my blast wasn’t huge either (Test and Tbol).

I think doing some different types of training can help maintain strength with less drugs. Considering doing technique or speed work for a day might maintain strength without driving yourself into the ground.

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That’s what I thought too. They plan their highest doses right before the meet, using things like Anadrol day of, then back off and recover for a time after that


yea, that part i understand…
i am more interested in how they gain strenght FOR that time when they double it up before the meet… i mean, i dont think they cruise 9 months lifting whatever is average for them and only blast before the meet… somehow they need to gain AND somehow they need to plan it around training and deloads, etc.

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It might be a mistake to assume powerlifters target one meet a year.


Maybe pick dosages and stay consistent with that and your training program until you don’t gain anymore strength, then look at bumping up. Do that until you are not comfortable with the cruise dosage going higher, then use blasts near meets to peak your strength.

It isn’t healthy, but I think a lot of the successful enhanced lifters go with this approach. This is the I want to be as big and strong as possible approach.

Another approach is to find what weight classes will be competitive for your height (generally the guys outside of the top weight classes have to be reasonably lean to be competitive). I am 5’10, so 198, 220, and maybe 242 (if I want to use a lot of drugs). Then try to get to the point where you are a bit above that limit (reachable with a water cut), and try to get as lean as you can without dramatically impacting strength at that weight.

So for me, since I don’t want to use a lot of drugs, shooting for a weight of 210 lbs but really jacked would make me about as competitive as I can be. Water cut to 198, then over the 24 hours post weigh in try to get back to 210. Use wet orals to increase weight and strength after the weigh in. I can likely get close to this using a cruise that is within TRT limits, and only bump things up a bit for the meet prep.

I am not sure if you are looking to do the latter approach though. Kinda sounds like you want the former.

I’ll leave you with one more approach. I know a guy who has two coaches. One bodybuilding coach and one powerlifting coach. Or he used to have two coaches (the BBing coach was Boston Loyd). He tries to do a BBing comp once a year and a PLing comp once a year. He cruises after each comp, and blasts leading up to the comps. The BBing puts on size, then he switches to PLing and maximizes strength.

I think twice a year is pretty common from what I have seen out of the guys who really love it and are good at it.

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Would you say powerlifters use more total drugs or less?

Ok, i kind of get the idea of maxing strenght with each cruise dose and upping only then. I think i might try that one.

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I think that is a good plan. Keep in mind strength takes a long time. I’ve been training strength since 2015. I’m a sink too. That being said, even with just trt, I think I’d be close to where I am. I’ve gained 50 lbs on bench and deadlift with blasts, but that is over like 3 years. I think I would have gained just on TRT (should say cruise). Maybe half? Point being, it takes time, unless you have genetics, which we don’t.

I don’t take the genetics news as awful news. We are capable of pretty good strength. It just takes longer. Our ceiling isn’t as high, but still the numbers sound crazy to even most gym rats.

IDK about who uses more drugs. I think at the highest levels the amount used is allot for both. Different drugs, but allot of them.

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In order to see if i can get a higher libido i upped the test to around 800 per week for 6 weeks and i did not see any actual increase in strenght. I continued to progress slowly(while slowly losing weight, like half a pound a week on average) just like on a cruise, hah.
So yea, i guess i need to max out the cruise dosage and when its sure i cant gain any more strenght, then just up the cruise by 50mgs.