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How Do Pharmacies/Gov't Monitor Test Distribution in the US?


So… I was lucky enough to start TRT with a fairly high dose (200mg/wk). It has refills through October, and my next draw/consult (and I assume next RX) will be in July. Meaning, I think I see an opportunity to squirrel away 12+ cc’s of pharma grade test to run a cycle towards the tail end of this year…

I’m currently filling with a big chain pharmacy… let’s say Walgreens (who has my insurance info on hand).

I’m thinking, I can take my new script to a different pharmacy (ala Walmart) who’s never filled RX’s for me, and claim I don’t have insurance (read: pay out of pocket).

That said, with Test being a scheduled/controlled substance… I’m just wondering how closely it’s monitored. I.e. does the DEA, FDA, or some other government agency track/review every cc that’s sold? Or is it up to insurance companies, and pharmacies to regulate this?

Anyway… I need the Test, and don’t want any trouble with the law… but running a cycle is definitely on my to-do list… just want to make sure I’m smart about it.

Any advice to keep me out of trouble?


I want to make sure I’m understanding your question. Are you asking if you can get the same prescription filled by 2 different pharmacies?

That’s a felony. You will almost certainly be caught, and go to jail, if you do this. I promise you it’s a terrible idea. Do not do this.


Not, exactly. I’m saying my current prescription has refills into October, and I expect to have a new prescription in early July. Read: I anticipate being in a situation where I have two scripts that overlap.

Make no mistake, I would be trying to get more medication than the doc intended, but I would not be trying to get more medication than I have legal prescriptions for. I’m no lawyer, but unless I was committing fraud (i.e. copying the rx and taking to multiple pharmacies), selling/distributing the meds, or caught abusing them… I fail to see how it would be a misdemeanor, much a less a felony…

I know my insurance would pitch a fit if I drew them simultaneously (if for no other reason than cost), and I know if I went to the same pharmacy they would only let me fill one or the other (I assume the most recent).

What I don’t know is if there is some national database that tracks issuance of control meds… if pharmacies communicate with one another (my current research says no), or if pharmacies communicate with the Dr who issues the script every time they distribute.


No if you have two different prescriptions and fill them at different places, but the refill period overlaps by a month or so that is not something you can get in trouble for. But like flipcollar said, if you were trying to get the same script filled twice, then you’re in deep water almost certainly.

On a sort of related note, I’ve often wondered about the possibility of going to two different TRT clinics and getting a prescription from each. I know it has to be illegal somehow, but after a lot of searching I can’t find anything specifically banning it. I would never do it personally unless I had a respected lawyer bless off, just because as they say - ignorance of the law doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow it.


Yeah, it would be a situation where I’m drawing from overlapping scripts for 3 months.

Again this is just what google is telling me, but going to different docs for the same meds (as often happens with people who are addicted to rx narcotics), would at the very least be drug seeking behavior. Generally they don’t prosecute unless you get caught selling, committing rx fraud etc… but they would flag your medical records making it very difficult to get those rx’s in the future.

Anyway… this is something I’d love to do if I can fly under the radar (I mean, a mini cycle of pharma grade test, legally prescribed)… but if there’s more than a slight chance of getting caught… I’d rather just go UGL.


If a doctor has written you prescriptions, you are allowed to fill those prescriptions. Period. You’re fine if this is the case. If the doctor mistakenly prescribed more than he intended for you to use, that’s 100 percent on him. I misunderstood your situation.


Yeah, it’s shady shit regardless (and I know that).

That said, apparently the answer is still “bad idea”. Upon further research I found that 48/50 states (including mine) have a PMP (prescription reporting program) that shares info on all prescribed and dispensed controlled substances with the DEA, as well as any doctor or pharmacy who handles controlled substances.

From what I read, there are certain things that “flag” abusers, such as multiple scripts from multiple docs… and it’s a crapshoot if anyone would see/put together the info… but knowing there is a database, and knowing the info will all be in one spot should anyone be so inclined to look… I’d rather not risk it. Again, my TRT is helpful and I don’t want to start down a road that could potentially jeopardize my relationship with my doc, or get me on the wrong side of the law.

Read: big brother is watching


it can’t be done. not because it’s illegal but because there will be a computer error.
every doctor has what’s known as a DEA number that is literally on the prescription.
once that order is filled the box is checked in the DEA’s system and no other pharmacy can fill it.

it’s not just for testosterone. it’s for all drugs, even antibiotics.
it’s a pain in the asshole.
I’ll give you a personal example
lets say you fill a script for doxycycline at CVS, a standard antibiotic, in Phoenix Arizona and you forget to pick up the script. But you have to be in Houston tomorrow. You totally forget to pick up the script before you head to the airport.
“it’s cool I’ll just go to another CVS in Houston”. If you go to another CVS the pharmacist will tell you that they can’t fill the script twice in this time period and that the next time you can be prescribed doxy is 30 days or something like that. Even if you go to another pharmacy like wal greens its the same thing.
THATS one of the reasons why there are other antibiotics. you call up your doctor and they’ll prescribe amoxillan or sulfamethoxyl instead for your problem.

anways. to answer your question. Yes the DEA monitors everything heavily. You won’t get as much trouble as the pharmacist or physician would. that’s who they are watching. not you.


if you REALLY think the government hasn’t thought of this problem and a solution you’re living under a rock


Sure they have… but my faith that they’ve implemented something that works in practice (ref: any and every other government program, in the history of ever)… that’s what I question :slight_smile:

Meh, sounds like I’ll have to take a slower approach to make my cycle happen (read: using 1/4 cc less than prescribed), and do my cycle next summer. OR make some inroads with a dealer… OR maybe both :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for helping work this out guys!


The answer to your question depends completely upon the state in which you live. Certain States, Washington for example, have state-wide databases that the pharmacies use to track every script for controlled sinstances, filled in the state. Hence there it would not be possible to get early refills or simultaneously fills on a controlled substance if the pharmacy uses the database like they’re supposed to. However in a state like Florida that doesn’t have a fully implemented Statewide system it’s quite easy to fly under their paper-based system and get away with filling prescriptions early or even simultaneously. On the federal level such a system is in the works or at least planned but not yet implemented. Because of this you could always fill in a different state for the second one, or even purchase foreign or online and import under the personal use statute. This would be completely legal because you have a prescription for it.