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How Do People Use PEDs and Take Pride in Their Muscles?


Hello everyone! Just a thought here that I always wonder, steroids is a huge part of bodybuilding, without them, there would be no bodybuilding sport. Now my question is, how can bodybuilders take pride in how they look or how big there muscles are, or even how strong they are. If they take PEDS… yes you can eat hard and train hard, but the moment one starts using steroids, it makes eating and training a completely different story, much easier to train. Yes people say it’s cheating but it’s also the only way to get anywhere in bodybuilding. But steroids do majority of the work… yeah I benched 300lbs at weighing 165lbs, my eating and training was on point, but i also too 40mg dbol, and I know if I hadn’t take the dbol. No way I could have benched that. So I don’t take any credit for it because it was the dbol , not me. So how can body builders take pride in how they look when they need the help of chemicals.


Dude, steroids can really ENABLE great progress in both gaining size and strength, they don’t magically make people huge, strong and ripped. Great progress still takes a massive effort.


The trolling is strong with this one.

The general consensus on this board is that steroids are okay if you don’t use them like an idiot. Also steroids don’t lift the weights for you, eat the food for you or sleep for you. Steroids cause faster recovery, that’s really it. It’s just a preference, like whether you watch football or hockey.

Now if you use and compete against people who aren’t also using by cheating the tests… you’re a douchebag. That’s really the only negative light that PED’so get on this board.


I’ve seen far too many people taking gear and looking like shit to believe they do all the work. Make it easier yes, but still the majority of people still don’t achieve much.

I’ve never taken anything and never will but I don’t think I would feel less proud of my physique if I did.


Oh really? Maybe it’s just me that thinks that then. For me, steroids make bodybuilding much easier, say for when I’m bulking, then give me the appetite I need. And the energy I need for killer workouts in the gym. So nobody else has that problem or mindset that I have ?


It’s just really sad that bodybuilding is a steroid sport, it is very common to have heart issues for a bodybuilder when they get older, not only that. But kidney and liver problems. We do this to ourselves just for a trophy or to be swoll ? It doesn’t make any sense but we still do it lol


Fucking stupid thread. This is obvious and you’re either trolling or an idiot.

For people who use for competing purposes:
Natural Training - There is an upper limit where the elite compete and attempt to break each other’s records.

Enhanced Training - There is an upper limit where the elite compete and attempt to break each other’s records.

Both scenarios each individual has every area of their life in line. The difference is that one has assistance.

*Caveat - If you are assisted and competing against those who are not assisted; you are a ‘gaping asshole’.

For people who train for non-performance:
Natural Training - There are a bunch of bros and bras who lift for general fitness, strength, aesthetics and stress management/enjoyment. (MOST PEOPLE FALL IN THIS CATEGORY)

Enhanced Training - There are a bunch of bros and bras who lift for strength and aesthetics. They don’t have a desire to compete, but would like to reach a level sooner or get passed a natural level.

Every fucking sport is a steroid sport. Also, every sport isn’t a steroid sport.

It doesn’t make sense to do a lot of things. Who are you to determine what people decide to dedicate their life to. Smoking, drinking, eating shit, driving, etc will kill you faster than steroids will.


There’s more to life then muscles my good sir😁 And you took my questions to technical like how my girlfriend thinks. But you did answer it, people are actually proud of what they look like when they are on steroids lol


" dang bro you look big!"

-thanks man, it’s all about diet and staying consistent

That’s one thing that bothers me most, little does he know he is injecting 5 days a week and spending more on gear then on suppliements, EAT TREN CLEN HARD, as they say. It’s the steroids more so then the actual diet/training…


Please show me where I say otherwise.

No, I took your question literal.

Yes, as they should.

This has been discussed to death on here and elsewhere. Are you mad because you just found out Jeff Seid and other instagram guys use gear? What they do doesn’t affect me, I really couldn’t care less. I’ve never used PEDs, but I know more than I can count that have. If it was as simple as injecting themselves, then 80% of them would be benching more than 185 right now.


I think I see where you were going with this. Trust me, this doesn’t work. On the contrary, there will be kids who start using because you tell them drugs do all the work, which you and I both know is false. If you want to dissuade people from steroid use, you need to tell them and provide proof of the adverse health risks that cannot be refuted by fucking shills on other boards using a simple google search and logically point out the flaws in their training and diet for the reason they are not progressing.


It’s “eat clen, tren hard”

Both are really stupid, but the latter makes more sense.


Ohya whoops said it back wards lol


So your saying steroid use does not effect your heart?


When did I say that? Did you read my post?


Yes, I think you edited it and removed it lol it’s okay tho, but it is a fact that steroids weaken the heart and increase your chance of heart failure. It is common for bodybuilders


Huh? I wrote nothing about the heart. I told you to state and provide proof of the health risks if you want to dissuade people from steroid use. If you don’t provide proof, people will just search other boards for posts refuting your assertions and shills will tell them what they want to hear. Do you know that there are fuckers claiming some OTC supplement they are peddling will maintain HPTA function on cycle?




Alright I didn’t think this thread would get a response from anyone.

@brandonmc this is sad that it took you gear to bench 300lbs. Also to each his own, but I’m a Fuckin Viking and in order to get to Valhalla I have to die In Battle or leave a legacy no matter what.



Lol well if you understood the body/weight ratio, 300lbs bench for my weight is actually very advanced.

For instance, if a man weighed 300, then benching 300lbs would not be impressive, but a man weighing have of 300, but able to bench that. Is a whole different story.

so I will dis-regard your statement lol