How Do NPC Nationals Run?

I’m competing in 2011 NPC nationals in Miami south beach FL. Any advice on how things run? Ive done 3 competitions in the last 3 months for physique. Now only 3 more weeks before nationals.
It looks like prejudging is on friday around 6 or 7pm for physique and sat show is at 6pm.

Im used to just doing a prejudgin and same day show.

Yeah, that seems to be a more common thing the last few years, breaking shows up like that. I’m sure it’s totally a $ thing. If I had to pick which day to try and peak for, I’d always go with the prejudging. Luckily I’ve never had to deal with a double day event. Curious to hear how things play out, and how you address matters. Good Luck!


Thanks for the advice, I was thinking the same thing. I usually go really low sunday to thur, fri carb load for sat morning prejudge, then small amounts till show.

Now I believe I have to start low saturday. Maybe split the carb up. 3meals thursday, 3pm 6pm 9pm. then 3 meals friday: 9am, 12pm, 3pm. prejudgin I think will be 6 or 7 friday night. Then one last a hr before. This shit is making my brain go crazy. Im used the original routine. but I can’t let it stress me out, need to focus