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How Do My Assistance Choices Look for Leviathan? (Leader)

Push/Pull/Core (25-50 reps)
Monday: Press - Dips (25), Pull ups (10)/Chin ups(15), Leg Raises (25)
Tuesday: Deadlift - Tricep Pushdown (50), Face Pulls (50), Leg Raises (25)
Thursday: Bench Press - Tricep Pushdown (50), Kroc Rows/DB Rows (50), Leg Raises (25)
Friday: Squat - Dips (25), DB curls (35), Ab Pulldowns (50)

The only issue I have is with face pulls and bicep curls. People say face curls are a staple to their workout so they don’t count it as their pulls. And for bicep curls, there are suggestions of switching it out for more chins/back work, since I guess it’s a good compound exercise. What do you guys think? I have the book and Wendler says that curls are good for keeping the arms healthy and strong biceps can prevent shoulder injury,

I may just switch out my DB curls for more chins. It wouldn’t kill me and I could use the extra volume since I suck at those. They’re pretty good at building the arms as well.


What kind of supplemental are you planning to do for the main lifts? Because assistance would depend on this.
I’ll be starting Leviathan too after finishing my current anchor.

Thank you for the response @stahlwerker.
I’m doing SSL for Press, BBS for Squats and Deadlifts, and BBB for Bench.

Okay, then i think your assistance choices are looking good!
You can do curls or facepulls, both are fine. What i do is, curls as pull assistance on one day, and something like 4x25 band pullaparts oder band facepulls during my warm up every training day (i don’t count these for assitance reps).

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Good idea. My gym doesn’t have any band pull aparts, but so many people recommend them so I may have to check it out. Thanks.

My advice based on how I do things:

  • Swap out tricep pushdowns with weight-vested push ups or DB presses.
  • Kroc rows/DB rows are different. You can do 5x10 DB rows, but that wouldn’t be Kroc rows.
  • Swap out DB curls and face pulls with either rows or more pull ups. Do face pulls / band pull aparts as part of your daily work, or at least on your lifting days.
    -Consider replacing one or more of your leg raises on upper body days with goblet squats.
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Oh man, the weighted push ups seems enticing, but I don’t have the money for a weighted vest. Maybe weighted plate pushups? If that’s even possible without a spotter.

And by Kroc Rows/DB Rows I meant that I do one set of Kroc Rows then 4 sets of DB rows. So I do them both once a week. Seems reasonable, right?

Why do you recommend goblet squats? My core is pretty week, like 5-7 reps in total for hanging knee raise before I’m done. That’s why I have lots of core work in my routine.

I use weighted plate push ups if I’m feeling too sore to do dips. They’re easy enough to get in position for without a spotter, although I’ve only gone up to a 20kg plate, so if you need more load, then stacking might be tricky!

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I’m doing dips twice a week so I think the weighted plate push ups seem like a good idea. I’m definitely choosing that over tricep pushdowns now.

If you’re doing a set of Kroc Rows, that should definitely be all you do as far as rows. Go absolutely all out on that one set and try to beat rep records. Jim has said before that if you can do more sets after doing “Kroc rows”, then they weren’t Kroc rows. It’d probably be better to, if you absolutely must do more reps, finish out with face pulls or curls or something.