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How do I.......

OK, Im 15, I need to to get ripped within as little a time as possible, not exactly huge, just so the muscle shows off. how do I go about this?

First, do yourself a HUGE favor and read the Diet Manifesto article in the previous issues section of T-mag. It’s in issue #136. I think people should HAVE to read that before posting questions on the board about diet. After you read it, then we’ll help you out.

Try joining PE or your weightlifting team

I once heard somewhere a really revolutionary way of getting ripped. It was mind blowing. Get this–it claimed in order to get shredded, you must watch your diet and exercise intensely. MIND-BLOWING SHIT!!!

Stop eating and do lots of cardio!

If you want people to give you good advice, you really need to give us more information. How long have you been training? What is your current diet? What are your current stats?
Also, many questions can be answered by reading previous issues of T-mag. Stop being lazy, and do some research. I’m not trying to be mean, but posts like this won’t get answered unless you do some work for yourself first.