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How Do I Use This Stuff?



I am a total newbie here and to the 'iron game'. I have inherited a lot of weight equipment from my grandfather and I want to know how to start. These are the things I have:

Barbell + LOTS of weights
A power rack
A six-sided bar you can stand in
A bench

My question is this. With only this equipment can I build myself up? I am thinking so, but I do not know where to start.

Is there a beginners routine on this site? I have been looking at some by Waterbury but I doubt they are for newbies like me.

Thank you for any help.



Keep reading bodybuilding forums and websites! There is alot to learn but once you understand the fundamentals you will be on your way to a better body in no time!


This might be a good place to start:


Check out exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html for a list of movements sorted by body part.


First things first, the equipment doesn't build you up, you build you up. You can get in better shape with no equipment, old equipment, anything really. So the honest question is do you wanna improve?

If you do, look up a normal beginner routine. Stick with compounds that you can do with your olympic bar (i.e deadlift, squat, bench, military) and the obvious curls and shrugs. Remember the basic rule for working out. It will be there from beginning to end. Eat, Sleep, Work hard. The rest will pretty much fall into place if you want it to.


If it's from your grandfather, hang on to it. It's probably antique.



Of course you can...

In fact, I wish I had the money to buy myself a bench, a barbell with a couple plates, and a power rack. As a beginner, that is really all you need, you can bust out deadlifts, squats, military presses, bench presses, chin-ups, rows, once you get more advanced you can do many supplementary exercises like stiff-legged deads, romanian deadlifts, lunges, split squats, rack pulls, and once you're advanced you can do all the O-lifts and their variations, clean & jerk, snatch, etc.

What you might want to look into investing after a couple of months is a bench that can adjust so you can do incline/decline bench press, and some dumbbells, although IMO you can wait quite a while before "needing" dumbbells, unless you have a glaring imbalance between your left and right side at the moment. And finally, once you get good at chins, buy a chin/dip belt so you can add weight.


You have all you need plus some now read and use it while doing so.

I say search and read ALLLLLL the Dawg School articles and Big Boy Basics, and everything else and lift and eat and come back with any and all questions as they arise.



That 6 sided bar you mentioned is probably a Hex Bar, as it's called.
It's great for doing deadlifts. Just load it up and stand in the middle , it's more 'natural' than a normal bar because a normal bar is a little out in front of you, and with the hex bar you're inside.


You can start here: http://www.exrx.net/Lists/WorkoutMenu.html

Pick one of the full body workouts


Thanks, guys. I'm sifting through all the info. the exercises I think I want to start with are:

deadlifts (using the hex bar)
shoulder press with barbell
bench press
calf raise

I still need to know what to add to make it a more rounded program, how many days a week,and so on.

Thanks for the links.



Im jealous, you inherited some good gear by the sounds of things. Well, basically read this site, y'know, the articles sections.


Yes, the gear is in good condition. Some of the weights are branded "Marcy" (which I have never heard of) and some have only the poundage painted on them.

It was going to be thrown away which is why I saved it and set it up in my garage. I have been 'bitten by the bug' now and I want to use it for its intended purpose.

I am going to start with ABBH 1, since the exercise selections can be done using the equipment I have. The weights will be light at first but hopefully I will improve.

Do you think I need to add anything to my diet such as whey protein drinks?

thanks to everyone



Some people call them Trap Bars or Shrug Bars. They kick ass.


One very important thing for beginners starting Squats and deadlifts, is to remember to keep your lower back flat or with a slight arch.

If I would have known this 20 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of lower back pain.


Big Boy Basics. You wanna be a big boy dont you?