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How Do I Turn $100k in to $1 Million?

I’m thinking about partnering up with a friend and starting up our own business. What would you guys do?

With that kind of money Id do peer to peer lending for small loans. Or put money on a multi room house near a college and rent it out for $500 or so a room.

These days, I’d seriously look at setting up a good full time YouTube channel.

Out of high school me and a buddy started a tree company with a chainsaw and a piece of rope. It has easily made millions and plenty of people get paid every week to boot.
Therefore, my advice is to get high as fuck and start playing with chainsaws.


I was talking to the owner of a tree service and he said his liability insurance is $120k a year. He stopped bidding on jobs for homeowners years ago because he can’t compete on price against high dudes with chainsaws.

He has an in with a couple property managers who require CoIs and he’s making a killing right now.

That is nuts! Ours was only about 15k/year, but we were had minimal coverage. Requirements may vary state to state and depending on types of jobs. We did high end residential, a few maintenance contracts for golf courses and some clear cuts for new construction. Nothing involving local government that required any real standards.
Looking back, I’m surprised that we didn’t get killed, let alone do so well. No safety training, no business sense, just young and indestructible.:ox:
Actually, I wouldn’t recommend our approach or that industry as a maiden voyage.
Edit- what are/is cols?

CoI = Certificate of Insurance.

The property managers require $3MM in liability.

Hmmm. There are some serious differences then, because we were covered for 3 mm per incident, up to 3 incidents, or people injured/killed. Given the magnitude of damage that can occur, I thought we were just scrapping by at the minimum.

it’s entirely possible the guy was bullshitting me too.

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Could be. Or he may have had some serious or numerous claims. A large fabrication shopp I worked in had so many injuries in one year that their insurer jacked their rates through the roof. Raised from about 750k/ year to 1.2mm. That was with 150 claims in a year out of a 400 person workforce.

Dump it into a low risk portfolio and wait.

i was talking to an acquaintance the other day about this he said give 100k and he will turn enough profit he give you 1million in a couple weeks
said he works for a company in nigeria


Did he happen to be a prince?

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forgot to ask,probably see him later this week have to ask

I was in the same position and decided to open my own gym…In about 10 Years, I will advise…Until then, do not open your own gym. So it goes.

Invest it in gold and silver mining stocks—I recommend the Euro Pacific Gold fund (EPGFX)—and sell in 3-4 years when precious metals overshoot.

invest heavily in cocaine cutting agents


seeing as your name is ‘justliftbrah’, and you generally come across as an idiot, I would advise against using it for any sort of business purpose. Invest in a low-risk mutual fund, and just keep making money at whatever job you’re currently doing. Don’t take your money out for at LEAST 10 years. This is the most idiot-proof way to make a substantial amount of cash and retire early. Don’t invest the money in any sort of venture that would require you to make any critical decisions.


I made an investment in some kind of crypto currency technology a few months back as a favor for a relative. It went up 5x and is still going up. I’m not going to say what it was because:

1)I know nothing about IT other than a computer hard drive and a moniter have 2 separate “on” switches. I also have no idea what this crypto stuff is about, I just know some big players are making sizable investments and collaborations in this area and

2)no one can come back and call me a fucker if they lose money investing at this stage.

If you’re an IT guy you may want to look into this.

Edit: 5th March

10x profit today. I’m selling. My relative is still in expecting a large price increase over the next week.

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