How Do I Train this Area I Circled?

can you guys give me the best workout to initiate this area to build.
really thanks for ur advice guys and lastly, how do i reduce the fats in hips and waist area. Much obliged guys fo ur advices.

Heavy SLDL and Heavy Low Bar Squat should do the job mate.

Reverse hyper extensions.


Thanks mate was needing that and any advice on effective reps and sets ranges mate?

noted dude thanks. All the best for your journey my mate…

Guys is there any workout routine to get this chest line. It’s there any secret receipe behind this line?
I know he’s in low fat percentage and of course it’s upper chest. I assume to get this is not by basic incline workouts it seems. Do let me know? Thanks guys!

You’re probably better off posting this in the bodybuilding forum.

If that’s you in your profile pic mate the best advice is to sort your diet out and follow a basic cookie cutter routine for 6 months or so. Get yourself back to basics.

Why should I listen to you?(state reasons before answering) you didnt asnwer rather than reply the question I didn’t ask. You shouldnt reply if your answer isn’t useful and end of the day u wasted ur time dude.

Well it was me which I didn’t train and diet properly for weeks since I’m having exam and preparing for it. I looked like this before the exams weekswere started

Thanks for advice and I’m just getting adequate knowledge in physique category actually. Before I’m gonna start routines and diets which Im planning at the moment to start next month. I would like to know about regarding the questions I ask. Thanks anyways!

Lol, brilliant.
Good luck mate.

dude i admire your advice even if its a little abit but it made wonder why you supporting that guy since he didnt even advice even lil bit. Thanks for sarcasticness

Relax bro. The bodybuilding forum would be more suited for this post. Where there’s stu (I highly respected bodybuilding coach on the forum) and a guy who finished second (should have won) in in mr Olympia classic division plus tons of guys with way more experience in physique training.

FYI muscle shape and lines are pre determined. If you don’t have the line you don’t have it. You’re not lean enough to even know if you do.

And quit being a douche.


It really wouldn’t. I moved it out of bodybuilding because it’s not about competitive bodybuilding and the guy doesn’t have a show coming up, and also because “How to build the spinal erectors and upper chest” are beginner questions.

The guy has literally said “I have zero knowledge about my diets and workout plans” in the same thread he asked about steroid advice. He’s a beginner and can get plenty of useful advice here.

Really smart asking for steroid advice with zero knowledge about diet and training

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Still he insisted that he’s done two cycles before this. Oh the wonders of the internet.

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It’s even better cuz one was a sust only cycle and the other was a winny only cycle

He was honestly trying to help, even if the mod feels

you really should [quote=“zapata1, post:13, topic:223227”]
quit being a douche

Personally, I disagree with Chris, respectfully, but do understand his thought process.


Stop being rude and stop trying to look like other people. That’s my advice, but you probably don’t care.

dude it was the other guy being rude and dude i didnt want to look like other people i just want to know how to get that lone inbetween upper and mid chest simple as that.