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How Do I Take Androgel or Testim?


I'm 39 with a testosterone in the 300s and looking to get some help with weightlifting since I've lost muscle and strength lately.

My test is low enough and I'm old enough where my doctor is willing to try it out. I really don't want to take injectibles and first try gel or creams.

How do I take Androgel or Testim and which is better? I heard creams are better than gels so we can get Androgel/Testim in cream form?

Don't I take it for 4 days and then stop for 3days or 5 days on and 2 days off?

I'm just under 6'4" and 230 lbs. so I was thinking 10 grams Androgel would be best.

Thanks for all your help and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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There is a TRT thread in the Over 35 forum. That forum handles the majority of TRT questions. There's plenty of reading to do there that will help you make a good decision regarding your situation. Your doctor should be the one explaining how to use the stuff. If he just wrote a script and kicked you out of the office you should probably find a more professional doctor.


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So far not a single response in the over 35 forum. This section is more active.

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I have Androgel, 5g/day, 7 days a week in the morning. on the shoulders, arms and belly (as per the recommandations of the pharmaceutical company.

I'm 39, 5'9'' 270lbs.


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At least this is what i read in the people using Andractim (DHT cream) for such purposes. Though i can see this being risky re: prostate hypertrophy/cancer - but it is done i am stupid.


thundersnow, I wouldnt go down that road unless you are going to start hormone replacement Therapy. I had real low levels (<180) and started on Testim and it was just enough to knock off whatever natural production I had left, while not elevating levels high enough (94), so I had to go to test injections, which worked great (levels now ~500-800). KSMAN talks about gel/cream non-responders, I think I fall into that category.

I am 40 and my test was around 300 for about 4-5 years before I got sick of it. See a urologist, make sure nothing else is keeping it supressed like diet, stress, lack of sleep, overtraining, tumors, etc. Get bloodwork done a few times on separate occasions to confirm. I once got 3 draws in 2 hours, with 1 fasting and 2 after breakfast and it went down after eating. your body pulses release, it is not always at high levels.

check out the forums in Over 35 on TRT and get smart before you go down that road.

to answer your question, testim is alcohol based gel, applied directly to shoulders, chest, arms per directions. you do it every day, after showering and should avoid physical activity immediately after because of sweating. comes in 5mg tube. 1 per day.