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How Do I Tailor My Squat Suit? IPF

Just got a new squat suit a few weeks ago. Needs to be tailored. (At the straps, and a bit at the hips). Just wondering if some one can explain to me the rules regarding how to make these alterations. What exactly should I be telling the tailor? Also, I’ve read the rules on the IPF website and they are very confusing.

“Although alterations/pleats to form a tightening of the suits and supportive shirts do not make
them illegal, these must be made on the original seams. Non-Factory alterations to tighten suits
and shirts are not illegal when done in the form of pleats. However, the pleats must be made
only on the manufacturerâ??s original seams. These pleats must be made on the inside of the
suit or shirt. Any alterations made on areas other than the manufacturerâ??s seams are illegal.
Pleats may not be sewn back onto the body of the garment.
(h) Where a tightening has been made in the shoulder straps and the excess material is longer
than 3 cmâ??s, this must then be turned inside the suit and fixed flat. No more than 3 cm length
may protrude outside the suit.”

Can anyone help me here? I’m not understanding this at all. It sounds like I foled the extra material back onto the seam and just sew. But I have been told this is wrong, and I’m suppose to just fold the material and sew the two sides together.

Talk to ouroboro_s, she tailors her own stuff and she is CPU/IPF.

I tailor my own squat suits. I’ve yet to do anything to a bench shirt though. According to the new rules, if you shorten your straps and the area shortened is greater than 3 cm, it must be sewn so that the extraneous material is to the inside of the suit so that you avoid the unsightly ‘bunny ears’ look you get when you leave the material on the outside.

I’ve tightened a few suits at the hips as well. Turn the suit inside out and just sew along the original manufacturers seam pulling the material in a bit. Don’t create new seams or pleats and down’t sew the material back on itself creating a reinforced seam.

This is a picture of the shortened straps…

This is a picture of the hips sewn. The redline is kind of where I sewed along the hip. You can kind of still see the original seam. If you’re able, sew it yourself. That way you have total control and won’t run the risk of a tailor cutting something and fucking you up. I use uphostery thread, a thimble and pliers. I’ve never had a problem with the thread breaking. Even one strand has a very high tensile strength.

I would have pm’ed you some similar pictures. Nice job O.

A good tailor is worth their weight in gold. The key is to find someone who understands what you are doing and will turn things around quickly. Also, they need to understand thread color is unimportant and then most will just throw your stuff on the machine when they are using the thread you need and will charge you significantly less.

We also alter the legs and sleeves of bench shirts by turning them inside out and pinching the material at the seam. Basically making a triangular shaped stitch that moves towards the seam.

For shorther alterations to the straps, it can be helpful to leave the ‘tuft’ on the outside because it provides a gripping surface and makes them easier to set them where you want them.

hey, I got a used hardcore and its a bit big, I sewed the straps but I need to tighten the legs a bit at the end. How do I do that?

lol gj using a year old thread… at any rate, as always, just fold the seam inside with the suit inside out, and sew. I have never seen a hardcore though so I’m not certain about particulars.