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How Do I Suggest TRT to My Dad?


Hi guys, my dad is 61 years old, he has been working manual labour all his lfe so he has constant pains and aches. He is stll working hard every day and i think trt would help him greatly. What do you think?


I bet I know where you could..... :slightly_smiling:

Does he sleep well? Just a 100 mg weekly would probably make him feel great.

That and I would pump him full of Olive Oil :slightly_smiling:


you should suggest basics tests such as TSH, Total Testosterone, Free T, Estradiol, VitD25-OH, etc.


Yeah but he's old fashioned, he won't go to the doctor unless he really has to. He's a farmer/builder. I think i'd have to show him litature of how it will help and reports from people who have started it. Any suggestions of these?


Has anybody got any pamphlets or leaflets telling the benefits of trt? That i could buy from you? I'll send money via paypal for the postage etc. Here in ireland i cant find anything.


Dude, I feel your pain. I would search the internet...I know there are sites dedicated to Low T on the internet. I am from NE Iowa, same people up there. I totally understand what you say about your Dad not going to the DR, and what an uphill job it would be to convince him to take care of himself.......


Check this site out, it is very useful.