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How Do I Start a Training Diet?


I want to build mass and strength. I was wondering where I should start with a diet plan because I have never watched what I eat.[Uploading…


Start by watching what you eat.

And start reading articles.


to start simple, write down exactly what you eat and how much at each meal.
Look for gaps. Are you getting plenty of lean meat, vegetables, and carbs to support your training?
Find the gaps and fill them in with more food and well-timed supplementation.


It depends on your starting point. If you’re overweight, you should consider a fat-loss oriented diet to begin. Once you’re relatively lean, you’ll be in a better position to begin to add size and strength.

If you are already lean, I would suggest a protein-centric diet that does not eliminate carbs or fat. I would also suggest getting most of your calories from whole foods, rather than processed ones. This helps to ensure that you eat well without overeating, and it will make you more likely to get the necessary variety of nutrients you need to build muscle.

And as a side note, I would eat as many carbs as you can tolerate daily without getting fat. The more carbs your body can handle, the better for building muscle. If you put on fat easily by eating lots of carbs, don’t do this, but as long as you’re lean, keep the carbs high, particularly directly before and after lifting.