How Do I Slim Down?

I am seeking real affective information regarding transformation.

Iam very much glad to see if anyone can make me happy with their opinion.

Highly appreciated.

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We are not here to make you happy, but to tell you the truth.

Bottom line is… calories in vs calories out. You have to burn more calories than you are ingesting.


“I came up with the absolutely brilliant method of just smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey to lose weight,” Bale told , reflecting on the role. Of course, this isn’t the long and short of it, but it’s pretty close. Bale has since expanded that his daily diet, dubbed the “Black Coffee Fast”, consisted of black coffee, a solitary apple and a tin of tuna every day.

That equates to a daily intake of about 200 calories. And incredibly, the 54kg final weight Bale eventually reached reportedly wasn’t enough for him. Bale wanted to cut down to a mere 45kg, however the film’s producers stopped him for health reasons

Ok maybe cut out the apple. Not a great long term, sustainable solution but you get the general principle I trust?

Calorie deficit.

If you haven’t looked into / not familiar with this type of plan:

Effective for many. Cut out the carbs. Read up on ghrelin/leptin, etc and find approach to manage your hunger sustainably until habit strength is built.

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I started out like that. A few cm shorter, but yeah. Not healthy AT ALL. I love The Machinist picture turning up every now and then, it’s an awesome reminder of how far I’ve come. Motivates me to keep going.

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What exactly are you asking for here? Our opinions, or to make you happy with them? That’s a whole new level of Confirmation Bias.

How do you slim down?
Generate a caloric deficit by either reducing calories consumed, or increasing calories burned. Or both.


I’m pretty sure/ greatly hope this is just a case of English not being the first language?

Anyway, @Darcy.Jackson1, as asked above, we need to know:

  • Your current condition - height/ weight/ age/ health markers/ etc.
  • What you’re doing now - training/ nutrition
  • Lifestyle - what’s your work/ family/ living situations
  • What is your goal - what do you want to transform into? @ChickenLittle, for instance, tends to focus on getting bigger and stronger, while @Andrewgen_Receptors continues to get leaner and work on his arms… different goals, different strategies.
  • What do you like to do? There’s no reason to bench press 6x a week if you really enjoy running marathons.

If you just want generic information, click on the articles tab up top and read literally any of them.

@ChickenLittle @Andrewgen_Receptors watch me be wrong and OP really did want an opinion that makes him/ her happy!


I was going to say that any opinion (or fact) on the subject of slimming down - is NOT going to make you happy. I mean, who wants to eat less food?


Weirdly, they exist. Some of the folks on here complain about bulking season! Can you imagine?? We, sir, are on the side of absolute moral authority in our quest to eat.

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Oh my god where do I sign up?


I would trade with you any day lol.

FOOD, not training. Your training makes me want to vomit, and that’s just from watching you do it.


How do you think it is that I get to eat so much? :wink:

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Like on cue to prove my point, it’s the resident psyopath who takes this option.

OP, if you’re still reading, to get back on track: @atlas13 has one of the more impressive journeys we’ve seen, he did it as a real-life normal person, and he summed it up in a easily replicable gameplan for you.