How do I set up clean and jerk cycle?

Hello all!

I am thinking about adding clean and jerk into my bodybuilding routine. To be big and functional.

SO I wonder, what is a good routine for clean and jerk. Like how many sets, what kind of periodisation, frequency to use?

I know how to do clean and jerk, and it is the best known movement in the gym! It is sooo fun to do… yeh,

I wish I could do 500 pounds eventually. Is that possible to do, or do I have to juice to get to 500 pounds?

reply please!

You could do them for your lower back & traps. Do no more than 5 reps in a set, more like 1-3. Maybe could could cut down a bit on shoulder/tricep stuff if you add in jerks.

As a relative virgin to weightlifting (the sport I mean, not training with weights) I am not in the best position to help you – I can only regurgitate what I have read from others without the benfit of personal experience. I suggest checking out some of the training information on sites listed on lifttilyadie dot com. I would also suggest that you ask your question the goheavy dot com olympic lifting forum.

Read the Russian article about strength gained in the squat and bench lifts. Use that same idea and principle but never do more than 6 reps per set. Also, dont forget that olympic lifts are high in deman so warm-up efficiently.

How exactly is the clean & jerk performed? I understand the clean, but what’s the “jerk”?

Great to see you are looking at using the C&J within your bodybuilding routine. A tremendous compound movement that will definately satisfy your goals. Pay particular attention to intensity level with set/rep scheme. Do you have access to any lifting coach ? In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks all!

I am just curious, can clean and jerk (or it can be called clean and press) build more muscle in shoulders, traps, triceps, etc?

I I understand that I need to do 1-6 reps, and how many sets 1-6? What does 1 set means? 6 lifts without letting go of the bar?

reply please thanx!

p.s. Anyone seen rocky 4?

The split jerk is perfromed from a standing position with the bar resting on your shoulders (i.e., after you have peformed the clean). The lifter forcefully pushes upwards against the bar while simultaneously “splitting” the legs (i.e., one leg goes forward and the other goes back) so that the arms are locked witht the bar directly over the lifter’s head. The lifter then recovers to a standing position with the bar still locked out. In the split jerk, you are not so much pushing the bar over your head as you are pushing against the bar to give yourself time to quickly dive or rather push yourself under the bar to catch it overhead.

The jerk is the part of the motion where you simulatenously push the bar up (although the bar height doesn’t change much) and drop down under the bar (usually into a lunge position) and lockout your arms. This is much different than a press (where the lower and upper body don’t move) and you press the weight up with your arms and the push press where you drop down and get a little leg drive to complete the press. The jerk is much more technically demanding and requires practice and flexiblity.