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How Do I Remain 180 If I Add Cardio?

Hey guys, I know a lot of you are aspiring body builders but I myself simply work out for health benefits.

I started at 155 lbs and now I am 180 lbs 8 months later. I find it’s an okay weight and now my goals have switched from bulking to maintaining my weight.

I understand you need to eat calories equal to your BWx18 each day in order to maintain your weight, but how does this apply with cardio or other sports and activities done during the week?

If you feel you must do cardio and wish to continue gaining weight, then you will definitely have to start taking in more calories.

BWx18 is just an approximation. Find out what your maintanence level is (it might be close to BWx18), and then add in 500 or so calories from there. If you find you are not gaining, then you can increase your calories more, or cut back on your activity level (ie cardio).

Ah true, I can intake 500 cals per 30 minutes of moderate cardio.

Well, I was planning on performing a weight training session ala HIIT, kind of like super set light-medium weights for 30 minutes. Would this count as moderate or high training, and if high do you know how many cals I would need to add?